Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Movies! :)

The other day, my cousin went to my place to pick up something my mom would want to give her. And then she was like, let's watch Warm Bodies! It's already up. And I really intended to watch Warm Bodies before and I thank the Internet for letting us watch it for free. I know it's illegal and all so you don't have to remind me. I don't claim to be a 100% law abiding citizen anyway. But whatevs. Haha

I actually didn't enjoy the film that much. It's kind of confusing to me most of the time. Or probably because I haven't read the novel yet and all that but for some reason, even though the film is simple as it is, it's still kind of absurd. Very fast phase, and all that! But still not bad for a free movie. You would probably be more understanding when you paid for it. Good thing though that I liked the boyfriend of the main actress. So good looking. But that's another story. It's not like I'm totally disconnected to the film though. I legitimately felt happy when he realized he dreamt. You would know what I mean when you watch the movie. I would try to read the novel as soon as I got time.

To be honest, I enjoyed Twilight more than I liked this movie. 

And then we watched Tangled. I actually haven't seen the movie like, ever. Call me a looser but that's a true story. Unlike Warm Bodies, the film was amazing! I liked it. <3 I wonder if I would the same if I were in her situation. I don't think I would just leave my mom like that. I mean, hypothetically of course. But I like when they showed that Rapuzel kind of felt guilty for what she did and all that. Good enough.  

Like we haven't had enough yet, we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That too! Loser, I know. But it was awesome! Aswesum! I love the values incorporated in it. Such a family movie. And Johnny Depp was such a sweetheart! :)    Not literally though. Because he actually didn't do anything about the troubled kids. Oh speaking of troubles, for some reason, although funny, I find that people from whatever land Oompa-loompas way too annoying when they sing. Why-oh-why.

Anyways that was my day the other day and I hope that would happen again very very soon! Stress relieving that was.

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