Sunday, 17 February 2013

Accidental gig.

So my sister actually texted me to say that there are bands playing in the elementary school in front of our house. And I was like, what bands? And she didn't answer because she didn't know. So as a fan of most of the OPM bands, I got out to check. Which shock my mom a little bit because I don't usually go out and stuff. So I got there with my youngest sister first and checked and stuff and then it was fine, music playing and all that. It was actually an event put together by our councillor in partnership with a local radio station. So that happened. And when I looked at the banner to check who's playing next, I saw SPONGE COLA among many others (that weren't there by the way). And I was like, WTF? I love SPONGE COLA. Like, to death! I'll tell you why next time if I remember. 

So I texted my cousin and my sister to inform them that Sponge Cola's gonna be there and stuff. And then my youngest sister and I decided that we should pick up my other sister at home so that we would all be there and watch together. I called my cousin and asked if she received my messages and she confirmed but texted me back a few minutes later that she's doing something so she wouldn't be able to come. So we went back to the school anyways. 

Join The Club was there. Awesome. 

This day is really unexpected. I love this day. 

And as always, hyper Yael is hyper. I remember last UST Paskuhan how Yael climbed that steel thingy where the camera stood and it was actually darn high. So dangerous. So Yael. Can't really do anything about it. So yeah. I can't wait to see them again. I'm not actually a fan of politicians displaying their names and their projects but this one, I approve of. Except the shameless self-promotion of the politicians and radio staffs often times during the show. Good vibes! 

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  1. Woo amazing. I never been to any concert but I'd love to! Seems you had amazing time. Well, shocking things are always amazing :)
    Aree With Umbrella


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