Sunday, 17 February 2013

For SCIENCE and <3

After our surveys and all that, we found out that Tuberculosis is the primary concern in the community that we're in. With that being said, we focused on the problem. 

We conducted a seminar, had games, had fun, gave free food, and all that stuff. I guess it's really very helpful for the community since according to the survey we conducted last time, most of them are not able to finish school so it's not everyday that someone like our speaker would come to their community and inform them about their number 1 concern when it comes to health.

Us hearing our leader's explanation. Me playing the role of kunwaring nakikinig. Chika lang. Haha

We invited an alumni as a speaker of the said event. We, students, actually listened more to the lecture than the stake holders. Quite an awesome lecture.

F na F! The guys should actually have their dance number but since they're too shy to dance, these little kiddos did the thing for them.

And then us, the food committee did our thing. We distributed packed lunch to the people who attended our seminar and all that thing that happened. I don't know if my group mates feel the same way or whatever but I really feel thankful for this experience. Thankful that I get to talk to people who I probably wouldn't have a chance to talk with if not for this activity.  I'm not a people person. I might consider being a PATHOLOGIST. 

Anyways, thank you UST for having a program like this. I mean, even though it can really be so tiring, at the end of the day, you can always give it a rest. But you can't take away the experience. Thank you Mr. Tiu and Mr. Raymundo for the pictures! :) I owe these pictures to you guys. 

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