Thursday, 31 May 2012

A little bit of update.

This is actually the second clinical post that I'm in this first internship. Actually, there's like 2 internships and we change hospitals around October. So, my first post went kind of well but I'm just so happy that my second post isn't as busy. I do simple stuff (which I like). Although, my first clinical post was also simple, it's just that the specimen don't stop coming. Unlike now, it's like *take your time* post. Although I'm generally rushing things as well. I mean, I don't want to queue stuff and do them all in one. It's not gonna work that way. At least for me. 

So yeah, not much picture because interns are kind of not allowed to have like gadgets and stuff. Actually, I only have this one. Poor me. 

Working in a laboratory is fun though. Like, it's something I imagine doing in the future. :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

CD Diorshow Iconic Mascara. Review.

Diorshow Iconic Mascara

ITEM # 1107051 SIZE 0.33 oz
COLOR Noir - rich black

So, Even though it doesn't look impressive on picture, it's actually quite nice! I mean, it sort of have this 3D kind of illusion. Or is that 2D? It's somehow shimmery and somehow glittery I guess?

But other than the fancy packaging, no thanks. Like, it doesn't actually do much difference on my lashes. 


It takes a lot of coats to actually achieve a very decent coverage. I mean, probably because of my lashes too. But...just saying. And it's not actually very easy to apply in a sense that it kind of feels a little dry. Just a little though. And the brush is kind of huge so it's really hard to reach short lashes. Not to be racist but most Asians have shorter lashes and kind of smaller eyes so I guess it's really not gonna be the best product to use. But for the others, I guess there wouldn't be much difficulty in using it. What I like about it though is that the product doesn't clump so yeah...

Sorry for that little friend in the middle. But I swear there's more somewhere. LOL. I forgot to actually do my lower lashes but I bet there's not much of a difference would I apply some coats. 

So there you have it! :)

Primer for UST Freshmen.

Warning!! LENGTHY.
Now, since you're already in UST, we're already kind of affiliated and I'm feeling generous to share some TIPS and TRICKS to y'all fellow Thomasians. You don't want to learn it the hard way so here we go.

1. There are 4 main streets around UST. Lacson, Dapitan, P.Nuval, and España. Now, there are 6 gates around UST and no one's gonna bite you if you're gonna enter wherever you want. Stop blocking people's way. Enter the world of imagination. Or I'll push you out of my way. Seriously.

2. Always bring your registration form. Believe me! You don't want to be an alien or simply unidentified inside the campus. And nope! Your dope ID doesn't come out until about July-August. Sorry. So better get some plastic envelope to secure it. Oh! One thing. Always have it ready when entering the campus and your building. It'll save YOUR time and MY time. :)

3. Know your building. Know your room. Admit it! You don't know where to go. And it's okay. There are plenty of security guards all over UST and you can ask them whenever you're lost or whatever.

4. If you managed to go inside your building, the next thing to do is to avoid the hallway. Do not display yourself out there. Unless you're cute of course. I mean, you'll understand what I'm saying when you're already a batch higher. It's nice to see new faces, yes. But the hallway isn't some park or whatnot. MOVE! People don't have the same schedule as yours. With that being said, your break time isn't the same as ours so please move out of the way because some people might be running late.

5. Know where the REAL church is. The Main Building isn't a church. Do all of us a favor and please tell ALL your friends that. Thank you.

6. There are a lot of places to eat inside the campus. Some buildings' have their own cafeteria. There's CARP (car parking) for fast food stalls and all that. There are tons of other stalls underground the CARP in UST. You'll never get hungry! But of course you have to understand that we are more than just enough to be accommodated at once most of the time, you have to wait. But you'll get used to it.

7. The Thomasian Welcome walk will be sometime in July. But of course we all know that it's gonna be rainy that time. So your fate still depends on the weather. Better start wishing for a nice weather. You don't want to be welcomed (Welcome Walk) after being welcomed (examinations/quizzes) first.

8. A mass for all the freshmen will follow the walk and it'll be followed by a concert at night. Fun times! Don't be so greedy that it's your night and us higher batch can't come. Remember that we paid for that on our miscellaneous fees as well.

9. On your first day of P.E. class, expect that you're gonna practice all the cheers of UST. It's gonna be fun, don't miss it. Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go 4x.

10. UST IDs can be swiped either ways. Just do it!

11. You should at least be updated on what's happening on UAAP.

12. If you're from a different high school, most likely, this year's gonna be your first Paskuhan. Pretty please! If you're gonna invite friends from different schools, do not litter! I have a right to tell you this because I pay miscellaneous fees! Get it? It's so annoying that people from different schools have the guts to leave their rubbish anywhere they want when they don't actually have a contribution to the said event. Annoying!

13. Final grades/judgment can actually be viewed online. Release of grades can will be announced sort of a week before the actual date of its release. My USTe portal's server will be very very very busy so you better be patient. Also, you can always print-screen after viewing your grades so that when you log-out, other students can have their turns. Give and take!

14. Don't be so surprised if there'll be one or two or three of your classmates who'll be transferring school. It happens. Let go!

15. Enjoy your FIRST year as a college student. There's no turning back. :)

There might be things that I haven't mentioned here. Some things that are probably better if you discover yourself. Or maybe they're just so irrelevant that I actually forgot to include them. So...what can I say? Welcome to UST! And have fun!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Practice practicality.

Japanese are just so inventive, imaginative, and awesome creatures.  Ehem. Seriously though. I'm not saying this because I'm Japanese.

Having a touch screen gadget is so NASTY! PHONE is a good example. Human being naturally produce oil and stuff and have you noticed that when you pick up a call and talk for a little while and when you end it your phone is super YUCKY? Exactly. I wish touch screen gadgets can clean their selves and all that. It should have something like a screen wiper. But until then...

Thanks to this! Like this is my second piece and it's just so handy. Like, tissue papers/handkerchiefs/cotton can also do the job but having it like a cellphone strap is like stepping up the game, don't you think?

Even though it's not super stylish as I want it to be, who cares? I prefer the not so stylish look of it than a super stylish yet YUCKY phone. The cloth thingy will be YUCKY when used often so make sure to wash it. It's not gonna be so hard washing a little piece of cloth like that.

Leave GAGA alone.

And no! I am an not a super big fan or anything like that. It's just so annoying how some people really get on my nerves and actually make me post something like this. Like, she recently had her concert here in Manila but it wasn't that easy because there were super whatever people who actually made a move to kind of stop the concert and stuff. The reason being is that they were saying that Lady Gaga is promoting something like devil-ish thingy and all that through her songs. Oh well. Some people really doesn't understand art and all that. I'm not justifying that art as being devil-ish, okay? I'm just saying that art can be anything and with that being said, leave her art alone.

And why were they trying to stop the concert again? Because what? I mean, it's not that WE ARE OBLIGED to watch the concert! It's not like she's PAYING US to watch the concert. These people are really annoying.

Thinking about it, maybe it's her song JUDAS. But wait! It's not like all her songs are like that. JUDAS is probably not the most appropriate song that she have but whatever! Yeah, whatever!

Born This Way may talk about Transgenders but what can we do? It's not like she's saying that we should all be transgenders. She's just saying that some people were born that way and there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, really. I know some religious organizations doesn't really accept that but what can they do? what will they do? condemn them? GREAT! I thought we're all created equal? Ha!

Now, there might be other stuff that were mentioned in her songs but there are stuff in there that just reflect reality. We just have to be more realistic but at the same time imaginative to connect more and maybe understand a little further.

But as far as I'm concern, people have no right to tell other people to stop listening to this, stop watching this, and stuff like that. We all have our preferences. Now if you don't like Lady Gaga, DON'T WATCH. That easy. End of conversation.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

More stuff from JAPAN!! :D

So these are what my sisters/auntie gave me as a present! SO BLESSED TO HAVE THEM. :D

Random stuff! :) I love randomness.

Some phone stuff! Love the "M and S" ear phone plug! <3

Stickers! Can I just say that I used to collect stickers as a child? What did you collect as a child?

Make up! Victoria Jackson compact make up thingy is love! It looks like a walkie-talkie though. Hahaha might do a review on it in the future.

Baby Shoop thingy! My auntie is a big fan of Baby Shoop and she kind of already gave me a lot of Baby Shoop product in the past. Might do a separate post about it soon! :D I love their bags! OMG.


AWESOME! RIGHT? I'm so excited to actually use this. Although I am really a novice when it comes to sewing and stuff! I don't know what to do first with it though. Design my handkerchiefs perhaps? Mmmm....

Shorts and a jogging pants :)

Interesting looking bag :D Love it! 

Some Melon Caramel :D


Sunday, 20 May 2012

My day in Instagram.

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my cousin to hopefully JUST WINDOW SHOP and EAT. But we ended up buying a couple of things and eat quite a lot. I didn't take a lot of pictures though. But I have quite a few to share. I actually used the Nashville filter on Instagram on everything.

Trying Pizza Hut's American Fries. It was so-so.

My cousin! :)

Me munching on the fries. LOL.

I always crave for their Caesar Salad.

I wasn't able to take more food photos there than that. Sorry.

And then for desert...

It was my first time drinking Dairy Queen's Matcha Green Tea Moolatte. It was not so great. But it was okay. Not bad. :)

And these are the stuff that I bought from yesterday.

I actually bought because I have nothing like this type of foot wear but like at the end of the day, the foot wear that I wore before hand kind of malfunctioned so maybe I bought it for a purpose. HA! Boss! Hahaha

 I just like the ribbon thingy. Although I don't wear skirts a lot, I find this nice.

And face masks! from The Face Shop.

That would be all for this post. :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hanayo Korean Restaurant. Review.

I actually didn't took any pictures so I actually stole one from the internet.

Located near UST. Rosario/Antonio St. Dapitan side. I am bad at locations so you might want to figure out yourself. It was my first time eating there so not much to share. No pictures even. Just make your imagination work.

I was craving so meaning I got to pay. Seldom decision of mine. Hahaha.

I, together with my cousin ate our early dinner in this place since we do not have any other choice because Santorini is closed. Said. I heard this place from a friend which is from AB so she’s a Dapitan veteran. Hahaha.

Anyway, since she’s not so familiar on what to order, I ordered and we just shared everything that there is. We are family. Hahaha.

I ordered Haemul Jeon (seafood and spring onion pancake) , Chamchi Kimbap (tuna rolls), Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and Tropical juice for us two. It was delicious! We also had Chocolate Fudge ice cream after. Yes!

445 pesos all in all. Not bad! Will probably go back and take pictures next time. :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Splash Island Philippines. A look back.

I actually enjoyed my stay in Splash Island. For some reason, even though you have to carry your lifebuoy thingy way way up the stairs to actually ride on it on your way down, the experience was worth it. It's a pool so obviously, I didn't take so much picture in.

This is the circle thingy I was talking about, And you know, for some reason, because I was too scared that my sisters would actually fall down the super high/steep stairs, I carried their thingy too. Since we're only 3 that kind of really explored the pools, I decided to go alone and that the two of them should go together that circle thing. And there's this particular ride that kind of scared them to actually go together so I have to go down the slide with one and go way way way up again to go down with another. IMAGINE?

My least favorite would probably be the river kind of thing because that's just so dirty! I don't like it at all. Well, not really dirty. It's just that the leaves are kind of everywhere. Pool maintenance, anyone?

One advise though. Like, before you go, check the time schedule of everything because not everything is open at once. There's also a wave pool that will help you kind of relax and stuff. Very nice. They also have a zip line thingy which is kind of interesting. 

My favorite ride was probably the kind of family slide in which there's this like big thing that managed to house me, my 2 sisters and mom. That was fun! One thing you have to know about mom is that she's not fun of anything like that. RIDES, ADRENALINE RUSH, and the like. So that was fun to see her kind of enjoyed a similar thing. That Magellan's drop was also nice. 

I can't wait to visit. My sisters are kind of a little bit older now so hopefully less stress for me. That circle thing isn't exactly light, you know. MAN POWER! :D LOL

Snap it RED.

Basically, this is a post about my cameras. Nowadays, I use my iPhone's camera for taking pictures. I am not a fan of iPhone's camera though. It's not very reliable in taking really nice photos. I might blog about it sometime in the future but for now, my CAMERAS first! :)

The first ever digital camera I got was a Canon PowerShot A480. Here's how mine looks like.

The money I used to buy this camera was partly mine - partly mom's so it's really kind of special. I rarely use it now though because I don't have a rechargeable battery charger which I probably should buy by this time but yeah. It uses that double AA battery thingy and when I want to use it, I usually buy that non rechargeable type. Which I find expensive at times.

The second camera I got was a Fujifilm Finepix in pink. But I already gave that to my sister so I don't have an actual photo of it. But here's how it looks like.

It takes alright photos plus it's really super cute! So I thought my sister would really like it. This I got from my auntie and yeah. Cute, right? Sometimes though, it's auto-focus is really annoying because it's not even focusing properly. I don't know if there's like a calibration thingy but I already abused the reset function of it. But nonetheless it's still awesome and nice. You just have to stabilize before taking pictures. Do not rely on auto-focus much is the KEY TO SUCCESS.

The third camera I got is a Sony Cyber-shot that AGAIN, my auntie gave me.

It has a touch panel which I think is COOL! Although it functions really well in taking pictures, the screen on the back is kind of scratched inside. Scratched inside because you can't really tell/see the scratch when it's not on. The crack sort of is  not on the LCD or maybe just not external, I don't know.

Maybe an inside thingy. But it doesn't really bother me since when I transfer pictures, it's still alright.

RED isn't actually my favorite color. It just happens. Amazing, right?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"Made in SEOUL"

For some reason when I was browsing YouTube videos awhile ago, I found this. This is not a super professional craft but nonetheless, I like it. I am pretty aware how Koreans study a lot and that they usually spend the whole day at school, go home, sleep a little bit, and go to school early in the morning again. I actually have a friend that is Korean and tell me this rubbish. And how she want it changed. But this is not what this post is all about. It also talked about suicide which is not a fun part at all. I know suicide rate is higher in Japan but yeah, suicide is not the answer to anything.

The second part of the documentary somehow talked about PLASTIC SURGERY. And this is not actually the first time I heard how some Koreans wanted to look perfect and therefore already undergone one or two surgeries to achieve a more western look. I am pretty shocked though how these Korean high school girls described BEAUTIFUL. Pretty straight forward, which is good in other aspects. But to actually define beautiful as purely physical, WOAH!

I know how tough it is to find a job in Korea, well so it is everywhere right? So people (mostly girls) will do everything to stand out. I am not in any way degrading anyone who have undergone surgery and so am I encouraging people to undergo one. I actually think Korean girls are already beautiful. But you know, beauty is probably subjective.

I have also watched a different YouTube documentary before that talked about how rampant cosmetic surgery clinic ads are in Korea and how they portray what is beautiful by showing before and after photos of girls. May it be in a subway, just everywhere!

What really caught my attention is that when the director/producer of the film interviewed a girl (did not actually see the girl) and the girl kind of admitted that she had her eyes done and her nose as well. Then the director kind of complimented her by telling her that "it doesn't look fake at all". And then she answered with "THIS IS MADE IN SEOUL." But of course!

I do not have anything against plastic surgery but from my point of view, if you will let it define you, then WHATEVER. It also pissed me when these high school girls want to consider surgeries JUST to get a boyfriend. SERIOUSLY GIRLS? I mean, if you would get a boyfriend that only want your looks, might as well find another guy. COME ON. You are in high school, enjoy being young. Live well. Live happy. While high school last.

If you want to watch the documentary, click here :) and tell me what you think.

Monday, 14 May 2012

What's On My Makeup Purse?

This is what my makeup bag looks like and I pretty much carry it everyday. I used to be so careless with my makeup and just put anything I can see that's relevant to whatever bag I carried but I realized that I shouldn't be like that anymore. (Feeling grown up) LOL. I don't carry a lot of things. Just the basic stuff I know are important. Let's START!

I use sanitize my hands a lot. I don't know. Vain like that. It's a dirty world. You know.

I also bring with me my Pigeon compact powder (love it), Elegance foundation (rarely use it), and my T'estimo II blusher. I actually don't apply blush powder a lot. But just in case.  

I have with me an IN2IT Sheer Shine Lipstick in Trim, a pink lipstick from some drugstore in Japan, a Dior Lipgloss and my ever favorite Nivea Fruity Shine. 

Last two things on my purse are these. A very cheap eye curler that has a quite expensive rubber thingy inside LOL. And  my hair clip that I usually use a lot because of internship. There you have it! Basically everything that's on my purse.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Team Andi!

Not because everybody's taking side about the issue. But because I really feel like she's the victim in the situation. I don't know her personally and there's no way I would know the whole story. But from what I know, and what they said, I therefore conclude that I'm TEAM ANDI. 

From the reports, it was said that Albie used to beat her up and all that.  Why would he do that? OMG! 

Andi might be wrong or whatever but she's a GIRL! And GIRLS shouldn't be beaten up WHATEVER HAPPENS. If all that had been said is true, I am questioning Albie's gentleman-ness. Like, big time. And Andi had been really crazy about him if she managed to stay in love or whatever. A little stupid actually. I mean, really? Really?

I watched her interview on The Buzz and she actually was very jolly when she answered questions that were quite sensitive. And I actually watched with my cousin that time. She was questioning Andi's sincerity and all that but I actually take that as a way to tell everyone that she made it through all that fvckery. Alive! (for reals)

Just now, I watched Rated K and actually saw her baby for the first time. Very cute little angel I must say. So yeah! Team Andi!

Payphone music video.

I have no idea what's the relevance of the video to the song. Well, except the fact that there is a pay phone of course. Well, the scene of the new Maroon 5 music video is that there's like a robbery thingy and the hot office girl and Adam Levine somehow managed to escape. The thing is when Adam Levine stole the gun from the gun man, he too is being a target of the cops. Is that a representation or something? Enlighten me please. One more thing is that the girl kind of disappeared and I don't know where she is really. But I'm sure that it was Adam who asked the girl to kind of be separated to him. MAYBE! The music video is a representation indeed. Like, getting out of a chaotic relationship together (holding hands) and managed to. But at the end of it, when there's like too much complications already (cops chasing them) they go separate ways. And the guy have to suffer more so it's just him that's being chased by the cops. Is that it? IDK. Maybe.

From experience, if the gun man asked you to get on the floor or something, do so! And for him to actually do otherwise is just questionable. I'm not sure whether the suspects will actually hurt him/them for actually following their instructions. I don't know.

But maybe it is indeed something deeper. And for that reason, I approve!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Sweet tooth?

My cousin and I are the biggest fan of sweets! Name it! LOL. So we kind of decided to make a desert out of Graham crackers. It's kind of a popular recipe. But for some reason, I feel like we're the first one (two) to kind of discover the real goodness of it. (WTH?)

FRESH MANGOES FTW! We actually kind of underestimated the fresh cream so we have to add another box and kind of transfer the mixture of shredded mangoes, fresh cream and condensed milk together in a new bowl as you can see.

Please take note that we are nowhere PRO. So please bear with us. *actually, we are.*

Quite a lot of layering happened. Like, 3-4? I could only guess.

No! This is not a nursery for seedlings or something. LOL. It's actually crushed Grahams that you're seeing right now.

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.