Monday, 31 March 2014

Despedida Party by the Bay

Hi guys! I just want to share what happened yesterday because it is so memorable in its own way that I can't not share it. Yesterday, I sort of celebrated my departure and yeah.

beautiful sunny day
my loves
We went to Mall of Asia because hey, it's my last chance to watch the sun set up close and by now, I'm sure we've already established my love for sunset and so yeah perfect!! But first, we went to church to say our little prayers. I prayed for my and my family's safety.


We strolled and we were thinking whether or not to ride the Dream Twister and indeed we decided to ride the monster!

Okay so the story is that the three of us were supposed to ride the thing because for the record! It was my bestfriend who asked us all to ride this but she backed out last minute! It was so frustrating but I was like, if not now, when? HA!


 I do not recommend this if you're scared or even not scared of rides. I mean, I actually don't have a problem with rides and man this ride is a killer! But if you're up for it, I guess just go for it. The highlight of the ride was definitely the priceless view of the sunset. Like, it was magical! Even though I felt like I was gonna fall and die, I think the sunset made the ride worth my 100 pesos. 


Then we dined in. As recommended by my best friend, we went to a place where we haven't been before. 

forever friends

The last thing we did was we went to Timezone (this crazy thing happened) and called it a night. It was such a wonderful feeling to be with friends. I wouldn't know what to do if I had to face it alone. Thank you friends! Until we see each other again.

Shots Fired at MOA | #Scary

I have blogged about the same topic before. You know, I never thought I would experience this first hand. And I wouldn't have wished because that shit is scary as eff! 

Okay so this is what happened. We were done eating and generally done with the stuff that we were really supposed to do there, right? We decided to stop by Timezone to sort of wrap up all the activities and to sing our hearts away. But then all the KTV rooms were occupied that time so we decided to try their dance revolution thing first. Someone was dancing when we came so we waited. After a while, people were running towards our direction. And I was like, what's up? Then we sort of ignored that and then more people came in running. Then I asked someone from that running crowd and she said that there are people shooting each other outside. And I was like, what the actual hell? 

I actually thought that there was just something that sparked or something. But you know, to be in that situation while it's happening is really effed up. I was legitly scared and worried for our lives. There were a lot of what ifs and stuff. I was with my sister that time and for some reason, I feel like whatever happens to her would instantly be my fault and stuff so yeah I was worried in general. Not only for her but for everyone. I was even worried for the people who were walking outside because I feel like they weren't informed or something. 

Can I just say that when the first shot was fired, we were all in yeah? But then my cousin and best friend went out to check what's happening and I was like, what are these two doing? Like, why???? And then they were spectating and talking to people and then the shoot! People were running again. I'm just glad they were able to run in. They closed the door for safety and yeah that all happened. It was crazy!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Renoma Happy Heart Lip Palette

I remember being given this but haven't really used it because I was not really a fan of lip products other than adding tinted lip balms on my lips and stuff but recently, I thought why not? The packaging reminds me of Michelle Phan's EM packaging which is like very minimalist with its clear acrylic looking packaging. 

I think it was my mom who gave this to me. Thanks, momma! To be honest, I probably won't buy a lip palette for myself as I am not a fan of it. I like the traditional lip bullet type of product but thinking about it, this kind of stuff is really convenient when travelling and all that jazz, yeah?

Swatches above and below are the same but the one below was taken with a flash. So just in case you're wondering what this would look like with a flash, there you go! You're welcome. :)

This palette consist of pretty colors that are suited for young girls. I mean, not that I am a young girl but you get what I mean? It's very girly and that nice hint of color is just about right for everyday wear.They are glossy which is kind of nice and yeah it's a very lovely palette in my opinion. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Diary Yeah!

I think I might  have had the most embarrassing  story on this blog yet. But don't quote me on that! Because it's probably too early to tell. As you may know I have only been blogging for a couple of years so I still have a lifetime of shame to share.

looks dreamy but actually just really blurry

Anyways, before I even start, I would just like to share a picture that we took there. Okay.

So a while ago, my co-workers/friends and I had dinner, right? We had a dinner buffet so that's like so awesome and I had quite a lot of food, right? I was feeling okay. I don't feel anything odd or something. But then after we left the restaurant, my oh my, I think my digestive system reacted weird and I was like, THIS MIGHT BE IT!! Actually we managed to go to the department store first and like try some shoes and stuff. But yeah I felt the urge to go!! If you know what I mean. 

The worst thing though is that the mall was already closing the lights and stuff but luckily, I was able to use the one near the exit. And I was there kind of long. It was successful! 

So we were on our way searching for the place to queue for busses right? I felt it again! And there's no way we could go back to the initial mall since they're closing and there's probably no way they would let us in again. And being familiar to the place, I know there's one down the other mall which is conveniently just in front of each other. But still inconveniently far if you're trying not to LET IT GO. You have to walk the bridge and stuff to get there but yeah. It was the most dramatic walk of my life yesternight. So I was able to do it again and I actually made sure to stay longer so that I would not impose damage to my co-workers again by letting them walk to the nearest CR which we know would probably be far. 

Anyways, I felt my stomach react at some point while we were queueing again and then I told them that and we ended up riding a cab instead. All others were dropped off where they desired but the cab driver refused to drop me where I wanted him to but then I sort of understand that stuff so I asked him to stop at a certain point and I would just ride a bike or something from there. So when I was dropped off, someone honked at me and it was my mom's cousin and he offered a ride. Lucky me. 

Overall, it was a very very nice night out! Except for that emergency. This would be the last time we'll hang out for this year and I can't wait to hang out with them again! :) 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Playing Catch Up with my Friends

Last Friday, my friends from Internship and I met up for dinner. And as usual, talked about stuff. It was really nice meeting and catching up with them. Like, it's been really nice.

I know I usually categorize my friends but I really do not think of being more friends with my other friends or something. I just want to appreciate how it all started you know.

Over at Facebook, we actually tried to figure out where to eat and we were choosing between Conti's and Banapple. We chose Banapple. So as usual, we talked about life in general. It was awesome. I pointed out that we were really different back then. We didn't have much outlook and things to look after to and stuff. Now that we were out, it's just awesome. But hard. 

My friend K changed quite a bit and was able to down this whole stuff! Way back internship, she would probably just touch the sides but I'm really proud of her. 

Another friend K, ordered this. The only girl who didn't have rice.

And then I got Cream Dory. I also shared my experience with the corn last time and yeah the corn was so-so that time and so yeah.

I had Strawberry Cheesecake. If you're a fan of cheesecake,  this is nice because it's a compact kind of cheesecake. Like, I hate it when it's not like that. Although I still prefer Blueberry Cheesecake over this but that'll do. But I still think their Bannoffee is the winner. 

It'll be quite a while before we meet each other. K would probably be a model/beauty queen that time and my another friend K would probably be a med student or maybe a doctor that time even. But I can't wait. Thanks.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

So Much Life Happening Right Now

Or actually, I can. These are just bits of what sort of happened this month. Stories in general.

You know, I work very nearby and I went to a nearby high school too and so the chance of me meeting people from school is just soaring high. Anyways that's not it. 

Recently, I bumped into a high school friend of mine and she was pregnant. She asked me things I didn't know such as the price of the ultrasound thingy. And then they left the place having been told by the receptionist that the doctor's not gonna come in the clinic that day. 

Few days later, she came back. And then after she went thru ultrasound and stuff like that, she went outside the laboratory's door, called me, and said "IT'S A BOY!" I mean, how awesome was that? She's friend but she's not really like a super friend of mine. I was so happy for her. Like, I can't even explain my happiness for her. I don't know her story and all that but yeah. 

A friend broke up with her boyfriend. More like, he broke up with her. Douche. Well that's not important now. I got a text from her and she was apologizing for the times she weren't able to come with us because her boyfriend didn't allow her to and stuff like that and she felt she betrayed us but I don't really see it that way. No need to feel guilty. I guess that's really how it is with friends and boyfriends. 

Not so long ago, I played catch up with my friends that I met during my internship and it was awesome!! Me loves them! I mean, if you would put us together, we would just talk and talk and laugh.

Five days to go before I resign off of work. I feel so sad kind of. It's like I don't want things to end but I'm kind of excited as well.

I will be going to Japan in over a week to go and voila, starting life there I suppose. Anyways that's all I got for this update guys. Thanks! Also, I am very sick right now.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sky is the Limit? | Sky Ranch

Hola guys! As promised, I want to show you what I have been up to sort of. I finally went to Tagaytay's Sky Ranch with fam! I have always wanted to see what's up and yeah even though it was a relatively short visit, we were able to do it anyways. Oh well. I have a fail still because I wasn't able to see the lights and all that stuff. Next time. 


Okay but first we went to a cool restaurant that like have this cool gazebos and pretty cool ambiance and yeah it was quite a nice place to eat in general. Can't wait to be back! Oh can I just say that it was so hot I can't even. Like, Tagaytay is actually supposed to be chilly since it's a highland or something but it was damn hot! Oh wells. Good thing they have few stalls that sell drinks.

OMG I have something to tell you! So we all got a drink, right? I got Melon and cousin got Strawberry and man, her drink was soooooo bad! She let me taste it and I told her to return it! But I think she had a hard time deciding whether she likes it or not so she consumed quite enough so yeah she didn't return the drink but yeah it was bad! 

the blue guy
There were actually quite a lot of painted guys like this and yeah this one actually posed readily with a little boy which I find very nice. 


So yeah it is a very small place to hang out. Like, I won't even last a long time there without getting bored. Well since we went in the afternoon, that might be a factor since it was so freaking hot and stuff so it might be different during the night time when it's chilly in there. Plus! The colors of the Sky Eye ride I heard is gorgeous. 

We only rode two rides and that includes the Sky Eye and their Super Viking. Can I just say that the rides are relatively expensive because you know! I just think it's expensive. 

Can I just say that the view at the top is amazing that it kinda makes the ride worth its price. Well yeah. Let's just all think positive here. But really! The view is breathtaking. Just an info, the maximum people that can ride I think is 4 but the 6 of us managed to get in so yeah! And we're not exactly skinny people! 

As a finale, my two sisters, cousin and uncle rode horses. Which I think is kind of expensive too but yeah I'm glad that my sisters had fun.

off they go

On our way out, we saw this horse noming on this branch. I had fun though! :) So that's it guys. See yah! I can't wait to be back here. Hopefully when the sun is not that up or when the Sky Eye's lights are already on so yeah! I also must try the Zip Line thing they got going on and yeah 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pop of Colors. Literally.

Here's what I wore when we went to a carnival sort of place called Sky Ranch. I will be posting about the whole trip shortly after this blog post. I am fully aware that it is quite off even for a carnival but where else would I where these? So I decided to go for it. Also, who cares? 

I don't do a lot of this outfit thing because I don't know almost all of what's in my closet so no one will find it useful. 

I don't know where my pants and shoes came from but they remind me a lot of McDonald's. Also, I think that the brightness of my pants is a little bit offensive. What will go with this on a regular basis? I think even a basic tee would make this pants too much. LOL. We'll see. 

If you find this outfit unfit, I agree! But I kinda like it too? No. So that's about it guys! Blog post coming up soon! :) See yah! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Ever Bilena Advance Whitening BB Cream

Hi guys! I believe I have told you about my search for a BB cream. Or did I? Well anyways. I have yet to consume another one from another brand. And this is probably the most affordable of the bunch. 

I might actually have bought a shade darker than my shade because you know, I just grabbed it and didn't notice that there is actually a difference between the boxes there. Silly me. I don't know but recently, my face have actually gotten darker because of acne treatment that is making it burn for some reason. Not really burn as in burn but yeah it's making it kind of red so I think this might work. 

So this is from a brand called Ever Bilena which I haven't used any other products from but a brand that I am very familiar of. It's basically kind of everywhere here in the Philippines. Mostly supermarkets and drugstores. So yeah. 

Swatches! I simply must do them every effing time. No reason. LOL.

They do have two variants of their BB Cream and obvi I got the Whitening but the other one is actually an Anti-Wrinkle formula which I believe I don't need yet. So I got this one instead. I don't actually know if it really whitens and stuff but yeah. 

This retails for 220 pesos which is very cheap! I actually wanted to try it basically because it's cheap. I hope it does work though. Even though it's cheap, I wouldn't want my money to go to waste just like that. Anyways. 

As you may have witnessed, it kinda blends in with my color but not really. I have a strong feeling that since I have such an oily skin, this would probably oxidize and just boom! Darker face! But yeah hopefully not. I have lots of hopes for this product.

The only thing I kind of don't like about it so far is that it doesn't state to have an SPF which sucks but then at the back, it says it has something to protect the skin from the harmful rays of sun. That's good enough I guess?

This is what it looks like with flash photography. Not much of difference but yeah hopefully (yet another hope), it's not because of the lack of SPF. 

The only thing I don't like about this product is that it has a somehow unpleasant smell. It's like bearable but yeah I'm just not accustomed to the smell. But the smell of Maybelline's BB Stick is more offensive so yeah. See yah guys next time! 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.