Monday, 10 March 2014

Ever Bilena Advance Whitening BB Cream

Hi guys! I believe I have told you about my search for a BB cream. Or did I? Well anyways. I have yet to consume another one from another brand. And this is probably the most affordable of the bunch. 

I might actually have bought a shade darker than my shade because you know, I just grabbed it and didn't notice that there is actually a difference between the boxes there. Silly me. I don't know but recently, my face have actually gotten darker because of acne treatment that is making it burn for some reason. Not really burn as in burn but yeah it's making it kind of red so I think this might work. 

So this is from a brand called Ever Bilena which I haven't used any other products from but a brand that I am very familiar of. It's basically kind of everywhere here in the Philippines. Mostly supermarkets and drugstores. So yeah. 

Swatches! I simply must do them every effing time. No reason. LOL.

They do have two variants of their BB Cream and obvi I got the Whitening but the other one is actually an Anti-Wrinkle formula which I believe I don't need yet. So I got this one instead. I don't actually know if it really whitens and stuff but yeah. 

This retails for 220 pesos which is very cheap! I actually wanted to try it basically because it's cheap. I hope it does work though. Even though it's cheap, I wouldn't want my money to go to waste just like that. Anyways. 

As you may have witnessed, it kinda blends in with my color but not really. I have a strong feeling that since I have such an oily skin, this would probably oxidize and just boom! Darker face! But yeah hopefully not. I have lots of hopes for this product.

The only thing I kind of don't like about it so far is that it doesn't state to have an SPF which sucks but then at the back, it says it has something to protect the skin from the harmful rays of sun. That's good enough I guess?

This is what it looks like with flash photography. Not much of difference but yeah hopefully (yet another hope), it's not because of the lack of SPF. 

The only thing I don't like about this product is that it has a somehow unpleasant smell. It's like bearable but yeah I'm just not accustomed to the smell. But the smell of Maybelline's BB Stick is more offensive so yeah. See yah guys next time! 


  1. Many bloggers complained on the smell of this BB cream, so I guess you are not alone :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Hi Pauline! Thanks for the feedback. I have used it like three times and decided to give it to someone else. First the color is a touch darker and yeah can't stand the scent. Hope you're well. :)


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