Sunday, 23 March 2014

So Much Life Happening Right Now

Or actually, I can. These are just bits of what sort of happened this month. Stories in general.

You know, I work very nearby and I went to a nearby high school too and so the chance of me meeting people from school is just soaring high. Anyways that's not it. 

Recently, I bumped into a high school friend of mine and she was pregnant. She asked me things I didn't know such as the price of the ultrasound thingy. And then they left the place having been told by the receptionist that the doctor's not gonna come in the clinic that day. 

Few days later, she came back. And then after she went thru ultrasound and stuff like that, she went outside the laboratory's door, called me, and said "IT'S A BOY!" I mean, how awesome was that? She's friend but she's not really like a super friend of mine. I was so happy for her. Like, I can't even explain my happiness for her. I don't know her story and all that but yeah. 

A friend broke up with her boyfriend. More like, he broke up with her. Douche. Well that's not important now. I got a text from her and she was apologizing for the times she weren't able to come with us because her boyfriend didn't allow her to and stuff like that and she felt she betrayed us but I don't really see it that way. No need to feel guilty. I guess that's really how it is with friends and boyfriends. 

Not so long ago, I played catch up with my friends that I met during my internship and it was awesome!! Me loves them! I mean, if you would put us together, we would just talk and talk and laugh.

Five days to go before I resign off of work. I feel so sad kind of. It's like I don't want things to end but I'm kind of excited as well.

I will be going to Japan in over a week to go and voila, starting life there I suppose. Anyways that's all I got for this update guys. Thanks! Also, I am very sick right now.

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