Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sky is the Limit? | Sky Ranch

Hola guys! As promised, I want to show you what I have been up to sort of. I finally went to Tagaytay's Sky Ranch with fam! I have always wanted to see what's up and yeah even though it was a relatively short visit, we were able to do it anyways. Oh well. I have a fail still because I wasn't able to see the lights and all that stuff. Next time. 


Okay but first we went to a cool restaurant that like have this cool gazebos and pretty cool ambiance and yeah it was quite a nice place to eat in general. Can't wait to be back! Oh can I just say that it was so hot I can't even. Like, Tagaytay is actually supposed to be chilly since it's a highland or something but it was damn hot! Oh wells. Good thing they have few stalls that sell drinks.

OMG I have something to tell you! So we all got a drink, right? I got Melon and cousin got Strawberry and man, her drink was soooooo bad! She let me taste it and I told her to return it! But I think she had a hard time deciding whether she likes it or not so she consumed quite enough so yeah she didn't return the drink but yeah it was bad! 

the blue guy
There were actually quite a lot of painted guys like this and yeah this one actually posed readily with a little boy which I find very nice. 


So yeah it is a very small place to hang out. Like, I won't even last a long time there without getting bored. Well since we went in the afternoon, that might be a factor since it was so freaking hot and stuff so it might be different during the night time when it's chilly in there. Plus! The colors of the Sky Eye ride I heard is gorgeous. 

We only rode two rides and that includes the Sky Eye and their Super Viking. Can I just say that the rides are relatively expensive because you know! I just think it's expensive. 

Can I just say that the view at the top is amazing that it kinda makes the ride worth its price. Well yeah. Let's just all think positive here. But really! The view is breathtaking. Just an info, the maximum people that can ride I think is 4 but the 6 of us managed to get in so yeah! And we're not exactly skinny people! 

As a finale, my two sisters, cousin and uncle rode horses. Which I think is kind of expensive too but yeah I'm glad that my sisters had fun.

off they go

On our way out, we saw this horse noming on this branch. I had fun though! :) So that's it guys. See yah! I can't wait to be back here. Hopefully when the sun is not that up or when the Sky Eye's lights are already on so yeah! I also must try the Zip Line thing they got going on and yeah 


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