Monday, 24 March 2014

Playing Catch Up with my Friends

Last Friday, my friends from Internship and I met up for dinner. And as usual, talked about stuff. It was really nice meeting and catching up with them. Like, it's been really nice.

I know I usually categorize my friends but I really do not think of being more friends with my other friends or something. I just want to appreciate how it all started you know.

Over at Facebook, we actually tried to figure out where to eat and we were choosing between Conti's and Banapple. We chose Banapple. So as usual, we talked about life in general. It was awesome. I pointed out that we were really different back then. We didn't have much outlook and things to look after to and stuff. Now that we were out, it's just awesome. But hard. 

My friend K changed quite a bit and was able to down this whole stuff! Way back internship, she would probably just touch the sides but I'm really proud of her. 

Another friend K, ordered this. The only girl who didn't have rice.

And then I got Cream Dory. I also shared my experience with the corn last time and yeah the corn was so-so that time and so yeah.

I had Strawberry Cheesecake. If you're a fan of cheesecake,  this is nice because it's a compact kind of cheesecake. Like, I hate it when it's not like that. Although I still prefer Blueberry Cheesecake over this but that'll do. But I still think their Bannoffee is the winner. 

It'll be quite a while before we meet each other. K would probably be a model/beauty queen that time and my another friend K would probably be a med student or maybe a doctor that time even. But I can't wait. Thanks.


  1. This all look delicious! I should never read blogs on an empty stomach ;)



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