Monday, 31 March 2014

Shots Fired at MOA | #Scary

I have blogged about the same topic before. You know, I never thought I would experience this first hand. And I wouldn't have wished because that shit is scary as eff! 

Okay so this is what happened. We were done eating and generally done with the stuff that we were really supposed to do there, right? We decided to stop by Timezone to sort of wrap up all the activities and to sing our hearts away. But then all the KTV rooms were occupied that time so we decided to try their dance revolution thing first. Someone was dancing when we came so we waited. After a while, people were running towards our direction. And I was like, what's up? Then we sort of ignored that and then more people came in running. Then I asked someone from that running crowd and she said that there are people shooting each other outside. And I was like, what the actual hell? 

I actually thought that there was just something that sparked or something. But you know, to be in that situation while it's happening is really effed up. I was legitly scared and worried for our lives. There were a lot of what ifs and stuff. I was with my sister that time and for some reason, I feel like whatever happens to her would instantly be my fault and stuff so yeah I was worried in general. Not only for her but for everyone. I was even worried for the people who were walking outside because I feel like they weren't informed or something. 

Can I just say that when the first shot was fired, we were all in yeah? But then my cousin and best friend went out to check what's happening and I was like, what are these two doing? Like, why???? And then they were spectating and talking to people and then the shoot! People were running again. I'm just glad they were able to run in. They closed the door for safety and yeah that all happened. It was crazy!!

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