Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ups and Downs of Being a Professional

can't believe that I would only be talking about this now. It hasn't been that long though but I just think that I somehow have to note this because sooner or later, I will just laugh at this thought because it wouldn't be relevant for quite a while.

So the other day, a Chinese family went to the laboratory to have their blood drawn and tested. In our field of work, you can't be assured that it's gonna be your day everyday. I mean, there would be days that you would be able to withdraw blood from all the patients and there would be days when you would feel like a starter all over again. I mean it's just like that. 

So back to the Chinese family. The phlebotomist that time missed on drawing blood from the son. Well basically, the family consists of son and parents. He endorsed it to me and though it was quite a challenge, I was able to extract blood from the patient. I gave the syringe back to the co-worker who endorsed the patient to me and then I returned to the laboratory.  So okay. After a while, the mother called me and I was like, what's happening? She said "I'm next" and I was like, okay. And then after I extracted blood from her, she said that there's still another one that she wants me to extract blood from so yeah. After the extractions, I was quite happy at some point because it's been a while since people have praised me for what I can do and stuff like that. I assure you it's not all skill. There would always be luck that comes with that. 

And then just awhile ago, there's a seven day old baby who we need to extract blood from and I was like, "I'm allergic to babies" and called the phlebotomist for the day. Okay at the end of the day though, I was the one who have to draw blood and failed sort of. I was kind of distracted because the baby is in a weird position and I don't know. I just generally have bad luck with babies. I was able to hit the vein but wasn't able to collect the blood. And as I was trying to search, the father who was holding the baby told me to take off the needle and just search the other hand. Okay then. 

I will then endorse it to my co worker. But then after we give the baby to catch his breath and all that stuff, they decided they wouldn't continue with the procedure anymore. And then he told the receptionist that they wouldn't continue with the procedure anymore because we're apparently PRACTISING on his baby. WOW! TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT! I don't really like it when parents interfere with what we have to do because come on! What do you know about this? I don't mean to be insensitive about the issue because I know that it's definitely different for me and for the parents because I'm a health care professional and probably don't care of the feelings of the baby. As far as I am concern, my priority is to get blood from the patient and parents would normally feel the pain of the baby right? Let me tell something. If you will interfere, chance is things will not go on its right flow and you know, most likely, your baby would be in more pain. If you will just let us do our thing, then it would be easier for the patient and the professionals. We're not going to kill your baby or something like that. Please don't be mental about it and most of all don't interfere. Just please be calm so it would be easier for all of us.

I very much favour the idea of not having a parent around the extraction room. So that there wouldn't be pressure and we wouldn't hear a thing from anyone. Again! That wouldn't mean we would do things differently. But it would really make a big difference. It's psychological. I don't even know.

We're not perfect. We make mistakes. We always try our best to do our job and if we fail, I'm pretty sure it's not because we're not trained or anything like that. It's not because we don't know how to do things and stuff. It's not because we're practising on your baby or your child. Life is tough. People are always trying to act like they know all the things that they don't have an idea even. Sigh. I'm sorry if you're a parent and have to see your children go thru all of this. We didn't ask for it. So please understand. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Catching Fire Movie Review

Here's a review of the recent Hunger Games. Some ( little bit) spoiler too! So if you're meaning to watch the movie anytime soon, I am giving you time to click away. I don't remember everything from the movie so maybe this is just a review of the highlights and an overall review of what I can remember perhaps.

So Katniss and Peeta were on tour because they are victors right? They toured on districts and somehow made their speech. On the first district they went to, I liked the part when Peeta put down his cards and sort of talked to the people by heart. Also, when they showed Rue's family, I just can't help but shed a tear. Katniss and Rue were such great allies. And good friends so yeah. When the peacekeepers killed the man who did the three fingered salute was also a turning point. I mean, the system there is such a mess. Oh here's a thing, I kind of have a thing for touching moments. So that's mostly what I can remember when watching films. By the way I don't know the districts of where these scenes happened so if that's relevant to you, sorry I can't help you.

Katniss giving Snow the look.
So President Snow time. The president for some reason is not convinced of the Peeta-Katniss love story and so he asked Katniss to convince him or whatever and then he was thinking of ways how to get rid of Katniss yeah? So they then thought of the Quarter Quell where they would put all the Victors in one game and boom. I don't know if it's really a tradition because if it is, then Katniss would probably have been informed but since she was shocked, I don't know. From the way I understand it from the book though, they're saying that it's celebrated every 25 years so maybe it's a tradition. Anyways. Being the only girl Victor from District 12, it's then obvious that Katniss would be in the game 100%. The question is if it's Haymitch (their mentor) or Peeta that is going to be his partner. The picking of the name part is quite hilarious. So it was then Haymitch. But Peeta volunteered himself. As it was said in the book, to protect Katniss. Okay. 

Wedding Dress
Mocking Jay Dress
The Girl on Fire. Interview and everything. The parade showed their costumes on fire just like the last Hunger Games but the turning point as far as costume is concern is like the interview. They showed the wedding dress she should be wearing on her wedding day and when they asked her to turn around became something else. Something like a mocking jay dress with the wings. Quite impressive.  It made me think that the film is like a fashion show of some sort. Also a turning point is when all the VICTORS hold hands and stuff. It makes me feel nice when that happened.  But that actually didn't signify anything after they were thrown in the field. 

And then comes the part when Peeta and Katniss were talking on who have to survive. Peeta indirectly volunteered to die because he was saying that when he survives, he wouldn't have anyone. Katniss wouldn't be there. And he said that if Katniss lives, Gale would be there for her. And her family as well. Peeta also gave Katniss the locket Effie have him. Speaking of Effie, her wardrobe is just cray I can't even. Is she really wearing Alexander McQueen? 

The ending is kind of blurry (not literally) but I guess we really have to see the third movie. That's all guys! I wouldn't be interested in reading my own review if I were not myself. What? LOL but I guess you have stumbled  upon my blog because you were searching for pictures or some sort so yeah. Anyways, it ended  up with Katniss waking up in that techie space shuttle and she found out that Peeta is in the Capitol and she's just so angry and ready for it. Ready for what you ask? Well...

Monday, 25 November 2013

HG Catching Fire Blog post

Hi guys! I watched Hunger Games Catching Fire recently. Actually, awhile ago. And I just want to share what happened before and after the movies so yeah. I watched it with my sisters because we all watched the first hunger games together as well but not on the big screen.

We were so close in not being able to watch the movie due to the unavailability of seats but glad we made it so we must take pictures. LOL. 

Mika and Mari

In theory, there should be like 24 QQ players but I don't know why there are only 9 in the poster. I actually haven't noticed that because I was only looking at Katniss and Peeta at first so yeah. I wonder why though. My sister Mika told me that maybe, they're like the strongest of the team. Oh maybe.

I will go on with the review after this post but I actually don't have much to say about it either. Or maybe I do. Talk about being indecisive. Anways we were dropped off at around 2 pm and the movie will start at 3 and we actually thought that there wouldn't be people queuing and stuff because today is Manny Pacquiao's fight and I thought everyone would be home and all that but that was just a major fail. Major fail. LOL. So then we queued but unfortunately, the 3 pm cinema was already full so then we switched to the 3:30 pm show but then again there was only 4 seats available and what are the odds that the seats are in one line or something? None. So my sisters and I have to seat separately. Unfortunately. We grabbed the opportunity anyways. Because we really can't stay that long because we have a dinner at 5 ish so yeah.

We bought pop corns and drinks and then my sister noticed that there is a Gelato store which she's been meaning to try for so long and since I'm such a nice sister (hungry sister) we ordered some. They have a buy one take one promo so we were able to have four flavors but even so, it's still quite expensive for the smallest cup.

Yummy Flavours
Flavor I got, flavor we did'n't get, and my sister's Mari's flavor.
My flavor, and my sister's Mika's flavor.
After the movies, we went to our dinner and I would just share some pictures of it in the future. And a little bit of review. By the way there's nothing much to look forward to in these sweet stuff. They taste like normal ice cream in my opinion. But yeah kinda worth trying to as well because we would know not to order them again next time. Not anytime soon at least.

I am just so delighted thought I couldn't feel Christmas elsewhere, I somehow had a feel that it's just around the corner. And it is. Look at those fancy lights! They are just gorgeous! :) That's all guys! Have a nice day. And you can definitely look forward to thy next blog posts that will be up this week :) Thank you guys.

Friday, 22 November 2013

2NE1's Missing You Review + Photo Spam

Hello there guys! Okay so first of all let me just say that I wasn't informed about this because lately, I've been really missing out on what's happening in this K-Pop world. But I saw the teasers on my YouTube subscription nonetheless and I was like, wait, what? And then I saw the full music video this day so I thought I'd give it a go and then boom.

It was Minzy who kind of opened the song and to be honest, it's kind of neutral. Nothing too exciting about it. No offense to Minzy's fans though. It's probably just the song.

Can I just say that Dara is just love in this music video. I don't know if this is her photo shoot or whatever but it seems like it for most part. I did not expect her singing to be sooo great and as for usual, it's somehow AUTO-TUNED and I'm kinda sick of it now but well. Oh well. 

Gorge as always!
Can I just say though that I'm a little bothered by Bom's Ombre Lips. I just think it doesn't quite give the effect of a nice ombre lips. It looks like she bit it accidentally and is in extreme pain. 

And welcome back Bom! I liked her part the most! Lately she is just missing in action so I got really excited when I heard her part sa trailer and yeah although it's not like chorus but more of the bridge, it's still worth getting excited for. It's like she's saying "I OWN THIS SONG BTCH!" except she didn't say that.

And you know! There's always gonna be an unknown creature. I didn't appreciate this guy right here because I don't know what it's for and it's just messing everything up I guess. What is it anyway?

Can you see what I'm talking about Sandara's photo shoot? It's consistent yeah?

This is probably the music video that I've seen the most daring version of CL. I mean, it's Miley Cyrus level of being daring. I can't even.

I mean, just look at that. I want a body like that to be honest. LOL. Never mind.

Can I just say that this very picture is my favorite scene. I don't actually know why but I don't know. It kind of looks like SNSD's Jessica's dove and rose seen but that doesn't quite to touch me more than this scene. Is it just me?

And Bom's part with that Winter Sonata theme is my favorite part of the song. I'm a little bit disappointed though that the part is quite short but good nowadays. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Transition of Colors

I just noticed that I'm rather so fond of looking at the sky nowadays. It takes my thought out of things. You know! Like a clean state. As a regular worker, I usually have a regular schedule and would go out of work at sunset. I would say I go out of work tired as usual and just seeing the sky above makes me calm down a little bit.

Here's what I usually see. I love it! It's like a masterpiece. The rest of the pictures below are random shots that I took because I thought it's beautiful. 

I guess it's nice that our house is kind of near the bay so somehow we can have a glimpse of the beautiful things happening there. I can't wait to like go there again and watch the sunset closely but please oh please, clean the water. I mean even if it would be a 10 year process, they should start doing it.

I love looking at the sky because it's not always the same. I mean, it's very much like life. There's always something new to appreciate.

I'm kind of thinking to take a sunset picture to each country and like be it my collection or something because I've been thinking of starting a collection of something so I would have stuff to look at to when I grow old or when times like those come. You know. Just being sentimental as usual.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thoughts on that Haiyan Article

If I were in the situation of my fellow kababayans who were affected by this super typhoon Yolanda, I wouldn't care if all other people post their non sense. I mean, I will appreciate those who are willing to help via their social sites and appreciate help from those who are willing and aren't affected as much by the strong typhoon but I don't think I would take peoples' selfies or food posts, gadgets, or anything against them. Given they don't do that on purpose of course. Or even if they intended to, I don't think I would care. That's probably the last thing I would do. CARE. Because come on, how can a selfie hurt me more? I don't think I would even open Facebook. Would there be internet connection? It's annoying how people think they know how these people feels. Ugh. 

I don't mean to be insensitive but people I think are pretending to be affected by this well in fact they don't. I just know. Like for example, I found this ARTICLE that I am reacting to thru someone who just posted a selfie two days prior the incident and for some reason, she's just saying that people shouldn't post a selfie in times of this calamity because people know they're already beautiful and everybody knows they're beautiful and I was like, what? Bitch you just posted one not so long ago and posted two more prior that so don't act like you care! I'm such a hater LOL. What help can 'not posting a selfie' do? It's something like that but do you get me? Instead of stopping people to post a selfie, why not encourage them to do something resourceful. I have friends affected by the calamity and I probably would understand if they were the one who posted this link on Facebook but no! Because I don't get it. I don't think people are direct messaging their selfies to people and I think direct messaging relatives is more proper to gain information. Although I have seen a couple of people talking about the situation (yes one of my affected friends) in public. And I guess that's fine too. 

Also in that article, it stated that we shouldn't say they should be thankful they survived. What should they feel then? ANGRY THAT THEY SURVIVED? I know there's lack of food and water but come on! I mean, nobody asked for this calamity and nobody wished people to die so I don't think it's wrong to be thankful at all. In times like this, that thousands of people died, and some people survived, I think that's something to be thankful for. And I don't think it's like telling a mother who lost her child that she should be thankful that she still have two children. I guess she should be thankful she's alive because if she's dead, who would take care of her two other children? Do you get what I mean? That statement is just plain insensitive. 

Now I'm not a doctor of humanities or whatnot like the author of the article but as a human being, I find that column illogical at some point. I probably agree with three or four points but the rest are just so O.A. that I can't even. So that's just what I think. The rest of you can have your own opinion about it and I guess that's okay. When I first read the article, I was like, uhm okay yeah. But then I can't really agree and just be okay with it so I am blogging right now. Blogs are just useful to me you know. 

Anyway I really feel sorry for what have happened and I know this post wouldn't do anything but piss some people but I wish that help would be given to everyone and the donated money from all over the Philippines and the world would not go straight to some politicians' pockets because it might happen and yeah. May the odds be ever in our favour! :) Bangon Filipinas! 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Is J.Co Worth the Hype?

Hello there guys! I am back with yet another food post. And this might interest a lot of Filipinos more than the others. But yeah here it goes.

It's my sister's idea to get some J.Cos because apparently, that's what's cool. And this post is dedicated to justify just that. LOL nah. 

So we got ours at the second floor of SM North Edsa and we somehow struggled and waited quite a long time to get in front of the line. If you don't know J.Co, they usually have long crazy line of people waiting for their turn to order donuts. And as a commoner, I just can't help but wonder why? I mean, basically, any person would think that their donuts are beyond this Earth delicious and stuff right? That's where the disappointment begins.

I haven't tasted any of this right? If you noticed that the second box only have 3 flaves, it's because my sister told me that those are the good flavors. Actually she just told me about two flavors.

And these are the two flavors I was talking about. Oreology and Tiramisu respectively. Well. They're actually good but not to die for. I mean, I would gladly have glazed donuts from KK anytime over these two. 

Oreology - simple but sweet. Not literally sweet but it has something in it that's so nice.

Tiramisu - Too creamy for me. I don't really get its flavor. It's quite nice though.

Drew Berrymore - Typical blueberry cheesecake donut. Doesn't quite incorporate the cheesecake all that much but quite okay for those who are just craving for it. It's the thought that counts.

Heaven Berry - I must say that I'm a little bit impressed by this. Like I was ready to get disappointed because I thought that it was gonna be crazy sweet but it was actually milky mild. Oh and can I just say that I love the filling. It's like sour berry filling. Nice.

Alcapone - This is probably my favorite. It's topped with almond slices and the combination of flavors is just nice. I don't quite get the base though. But yeah the almond slices did the job. 

That's all I have to say guys. It's actually worth falling in line for because if you never try, you never know. Would I fall in line again? Not anytime soon. I think it's nice to get these donuts twice a year or once even. Because it's just dreadful to fall in line and stuff but yeah that's just my opinion. Oh also! It's not that good for you to have these often. LOL. I just realized I had 5/24 of the donuts. LOL. No regrets.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Japan Goodies

Hey guys! This is kind of a late post for it has been a week since dad arrived from Japan and as you may have guessed already, yes! These are all gone now. And my favourite? Effing KAMABOKO! So good! So good! I like it with cheese though. And some random chocolates. I didn't like the middle chocolate though. The one from Fujiya. It's so greasy and it feels like it's covered in wax or something. So I suggest you eat it unfrozen or uncooled instead. It might work that way!

These! <3 I remember when eating these anytime anywhere is a thing. Well, winter time that is. But this is like my favorite fruit next to peachy peach peach. But I probably told you about that already.

And these! These though can be bought here in the Philippines already but they're kind of expensive so dad made sure to get us that. I think my fave is well it actually depends but I like the one with liquor. It's just nice. Well that's all for this post just want to keep up with y'all! :) 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

It's Christmas Soon

And nope this post got nothing to do with Christmas. It's just random ramblings of some sort. Oh before anything elss, HELLO guys! I just thought I would make a little disclaimer there. But anyways. I realize I never really stick to a certain topic regardless. 

It's already November and I can't help but really admire the speed of time. Imagine! I have been working for almost 2 months now. It seems like forever already. LOL just kidding. Ugh anyways. I'm almost through with my experience seeking thing here in the Philippines. And so far I'm actually enjoying it and as I've told you before, it's just nice being able to apply all the things I learned in school or internship in to life. Well not to mention it's also dangerous since I'm already putting my name to all the things I've done and will be doing in the future. The way I would like to address it is this. Even doctors make mistakes. Now I'm really kidding. No room for mistakes really. But doctors make mistakes LOL. 

But seriously! I think it's all happening too fast. I guess I have to enjoy the little things and just be happy and live the moment yeah? One Direction much or not? Because about this next time next year, I might regret things and I'm kind of certain that I won't be doing the same thing as I am doing now so yeah that speaks a lot. I might as well live in this time and just enjoy life pretty much. Just a little bit more wouldn't hurt I guess?

I am quite happy though that I am able to buy things I want. But sometimes I would hesitate and think twice if I really need something. Sometimes it's just that I would think to myself, "this is not what I worked hard for" or something. I don't usually buy expensive stuff back then when I was still a student but do you know what I mean? I don't just usually like to reward myself back then because I don't think I've worked hard enough as others. Comparing myself to others 101. But now that I am working, I think I have to somehow reward myself once in a while. Because you know, this time, it's just me. I do get things done and yeah. Just to have something to look forward to at least twice a month. I always feel tired though but I guess that's always a part of it. I hate. Just saying. 

By the way I will be stealing pictures from a colleague when she puts it up so you would know what it's like at work. Not that you want to know what's up. Anyways is this like a work post? Nah! LOL. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

French Baker's Macarons Review

I have told you before that I was a little bit disappointed on Macarons that I have so far tasted. Well actually, I have only tasted one and not impressive at all. And I was like, I'm not gonna give up on these colorful babies and would give it another try. Here's my verdict for the second attempt.

I got these Macarons from another familiar bakery in town. French Bakery. I have mixed feelings about this store actually. I mean, it's just that I don't really like breads all that much and the one I've tasted from this store didn't really impress me all that much so yeah. And the reviews I've seen listed Tous Les Jours' macarons above this one so I was like, there can't be anything worse than that! LOL. Just kidding. But really though thinking about it now, their macarons were pretty bad. 

You know me! These details just made me wanna cry! LOL. But I must say that their illustration is very well made. Love! I hope to live on that house where the girl stands. Must be very magical there! 

Verdict you ask? Well. It could be worse. I mean, just like Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, there are good and bad flavors. And if in doubt, you can always trust brown coloured deserts. I think that's all I've enjoyed. The pinks were the foul ones and the green which I bet is Pistachio is kind of foul too but I partly like it. And the orange one was kind of okay. Definitely zesty so might have been some choco drizzled orange or something. Just a disclaimer, I don't know the official flavours of these macarons. I wish I knew. As a conclusion, nothing worse than the pinks. They taste oh so fake. One more try (from another store) and I would really give up on the pinks. Okay that's all guys! 

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.