Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Is J.Co Worth the Hype?

Hello there guys! I am back with yet another food post. And this might interest a lot of Filipinos more than the others. But yeah here it goes.

It's my sister's idea to get some J.Cos because apparently, that's what's cool. And this post is dedicated to justify just that. LOL nah. 

So we got ours at the second floor of SM North Edsa and we somehow struggled and waited quite a long time to get in front of the line. If you don't know J.Co, they usually have long crazy line of people waiting for their turn to order donuts. And as a commoner, I just can't help but wonder why? I mean, basically, any person would think that their donuts are beyond this Earth delicious and stuff right? That's where the disappointment begins.

I haven't tasted any of this right? If you noticed that the second box only have 3 flaves, it's because my sister told me that those are the good flavors. Actually she just told me about two flavors.

And these are the two flavors I was talking about. Oreology and Tiramisu respectively. Well. They're actually good but not to die for. I mean, I would gladly have glazed donuts from KK anytime over these two. 

Oreology - simple but sweet. Not literally sweet but it has something in it that's so nice.

Tiramisu - Too creamy for me. I don't really get its flavor. It's quite nice though.

Drew Berrymore - Typical blueberry cheesecake donut. Doesn't quite incorporate the cheesecake all that much but quite okay for those who are just craving for it. It's the thought that counts.

Heaven Berry - I must say that I'm a little bit impressed by this. Like I was ready to get disappointed because I thought that it was gonna be crazy sweet but it was actually milky mild. Oh and can I just say that I love the filling. It's like sour berry filling. Nice.

Alcapone - This is probably my favorite. It's topped with almond slices and the combination of flavors is just nice. I don't quite get the base though. But yeah the almond slices did the job. 

That's all I have to say guys. It's actually worth falling in line for because if you never try, you never know. Would I fall in line again? Not anytime soon. I think it's nice to get these donuts twice a year or once even. Because it's just dreadful to fall in line and stuff but yeah that's just my opinion. Oh also! It's not that good for you to have these often. LOL. I just realized I had 5/24 of the donuts. LOL. No regrets.


  1. Replies
    1. :)) the variety though is overwhelming.

  2. I'll take KK any time of the day! :) Naover-hype lang ang J.Co in my opinion.

    1. Super O.A nga ang line and I think people fall in line to find out why the line's long so parang the cycle goes on lang.


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