Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thoughts on that Haiyan Article

If I were in the situation of my fellow kababayans who were affected by this super typhoon Yolanda, I wouldn't care if all other people post their non sense. I mean, I will appreciate those who are willing to help via their social sites and appreciate help from those who are willing and aren't affected as much by the strong typhoon but I don't think I would take peoples' selfies or food posts, gadgets, or anything against them. Given they don't do that on purpose of course. Or even if they intended to, I don't think I would care. That's probably the last thing I would do. CARE. Because come on, how can a selfie hurt me more? I don't think I would even open Facebook. Would there be internet connection? It's annoying how people think they know how these people feels. Ugh. 

I don't mean to be insensitive but people I think are pretending to be affected by this well in fact they don't. I just know. Like for example, I found this ARTICLE that I am reacting to thru someone who just posted a selfie two days prior the incident and for some reason, she's just saying that people shouldn't post a selfie in times of this calamity because people know they're already beautiful and everybody knows they're beautiful and I was like, what? Bitch you just posted one not so long ago and posted two more prior that so don't act like you care! I'm such a hater LOL. What help can 'not posting a selfie' do? It's something like that but do you get me? Instead of stopping people to post a selfie, why not encourage them to do something resourceful. I have friends affected by the calamity and I probably would understand if they were the one who posted this link on Facebook but no! Because I don't get it. I don't think people are direct messaging their selfies to people and I think direct messaging relatives is more proper to gain information. Although I have seen a couple of people talking about the situation (yes one of my affected friends) in public. And I guess that's fine too. 

Also in that article, it stated that we shouldn't say they should be thankful they survived. What should they feel then? ANGRY THAT THEY SURVIVED? I know there's lack of food and water but come on! I mean, nobody asked for this calamity and nobody wished people to die so I don't think it's wrong to be thankful at all. In times like this, that thousands of people died, and some people survived, I think that's something to be thankful for. And I don't think it's like telling a mother who lost her child that she should be thankful that she still have two children. I guess she should be thankful she's alive because if she's dead, who would take care of her two other children? Do you get what I mean? That statement is just plain insensitive. 

Now I'm not a doctor of humanities or whatnot like the author of the article but as a human being, I find that column illogical at some point. I probably agree with three or four points but the rest are just so O.A. that I can't even. So that's just what I think. The rest of you can have your own opinion about it and I guess that's okay. When I first read the article, I was like, uhm okay yeah. But then I can't really agree and just be okay with it so I am blogging right now. Blogs are just useful to me you know. 

Anyway I really feel sorry for what have happened and I know this post wouldn't do anything but piss some people but I wish that help would be given to everyone and the donated money from all over the Philippines and the world would not go straight to some politicians' pockets because it might happen and yeah. May the odds be ever in our favour! :) Bangon Filipinas! 

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