Monday, 18 November 2013

Transition of Colors

I just noticed that I'm rather so fond of looking at the sky nowadays. It takes my thought out of things. You know! Like a clean state. As a regular worker, I usually have a regular schedule and would go out of work at sunset. I would say I go out of work tired as usual and just seeing the sky above makes me calm down a little bit.

Here's what I usually see. I love it! It's like a masterpiece. The rest of the pictures below are random shots that I took because I thought it's beautiful. 

I guess it's nice that our house is kind of near the bay so somehow we can have a glimpse of the beautiful things happening there. I can't wait to like go there again and watch the sunset closely but please oh please, clean the water. I mean even if it would be a 10 year process, they should start doing it.

I love looking at the sky because it's not always the same. I mean, it's very much like life. There's always something new to appreciate.

I'm kind of thinking to take a sunset picture to each country and like be it my collection or something because I've been thinking of starting a collection of something so I would have stuff to look at to when I grow old or when times like those come. You know. Just being sentimental as usual.

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