Sunday, 10 November 2013

Japan Goodies

Hey guys! This is kind of a late post for it has been a week since dad arrived from Japan and as you may have guessed already, yes! These are all gone now. And my favourite? Effing KAMABOKO! So good! So good! I like it with cheese though. And some random chocolates. I didn't like the middle chocolate though. The one from Fujiya. It's so greasy and it feels like it's covered in wax or something. So I suggest you eat it unfrozen or uncooled instead. It might work that way!

These! <3 I remember when eating these anytime anywhere is a thing. Well, winter time that is. But this is like my favorite fruit next to peachy peach peach. But I probably told you about that already.

And these! These though can be bought here in the Philippines already but they're kind of expensive so dad made sure to get us that. I think my fave is well it actually depends but I like the one with liquor. It's just nice. Well that's all for this post just want to keep up with y'all! :) 


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