Friday, 25 July 2014

Weird Dream Yet Again

I always get weird dreams but sometimes dreams can only get weirder. I had a dream about my college friends that I miss so so much. 

First thing that I remember is when I gave my friend Rach a seaweed from Africa. Let's just pause for a while and reflect. Why the hell would I have a seaweed from Africa?? Also, I didn't know they have their own style of making seaweeds. Anyways, it looked a lot like something I can buy anywhere. Nothing special! So then moments later, she texted me. And it goes something like this.

Thank you for the African Seaweed. A Triangular creature from Africa is trying to steal it from me. If you know what I mean.

No Rach! I don't know what you mean! Triangular creature?? Are we talking shapes now? LOL. Then it ended.

The next scene was me going up and down the stairs seeing batchmates in their suits and dresses. I don't know but I assume it must be prom basing it from the aura of the scene. Random. From Africa to prom? Then I find my way to getting hold of my test papers!! Which are soaring high! Hahaha that's why I know it was a dream (LOLJK). Then I can't see clearly but I remember a high school friend mixed with college friends asked me how to say "CAN I BE YOUR BOYFRIEND?" In Japanese. 

I then concluded that it's my college friend because I don't want that specific high school friend to ruin my dream. Hahaha see yah! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

To TRY or NOT?

Few weeks ago on iTunes, I was looking for free music because I'm a diva like that and I was like, COLBIE CAILLAT? What is this sorcery? No offense but Colbie Caillat is the first artist I have encountered that I know on the single of the week feature of iTunes. It is a nice song! I was actually impressed and felt like I won the lottery for some reason. Anyways. 

It's just recently that the video became a thing on Facebook and so I watched. In a  nutshell, it's a video of girls taking off their make-ups. It's nice as it is but I don't know. 

Just being a video about girls taking off their make-ups made the song less valuable. I think. Because for some reason, I don't think girls who put make-up are just trying. You know what I mean? Girls sometimes put make-up for fun and just because. It's colorful and fun. Not really trying to impress other people and stuff. Yeah? What happened to YOU JUST HAVE TO GET UP GET UP GET UP? It's like my favorite part. Oh well. 

Here's a picture I took awhile ago without make-up. Just because! As asked by Ms. Caillat, "don't you like you?", I DO! I like me. And I like make-up too. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What People Think of Me

People at work are cofused as to what I really am. I told you that in my previous work, people thought I am not Filipina as they have talked sh't behind me (and front). Back in the Philippines, people actually thought I'm either Chinese or Korean. It's kind of the same story here in Japan. 

One person thought I was Vietnamese which made me kilig because for some reason, Vietnamese people are so beautiful. Or at least at my work place before! 

One person I am rather fond of thought I am from Peru which I kind of understand because people from Peru at that place looks Asian-ish but nah, we all know I'm not. 

Also, because I am friends with a lot of Nepali, people also thought I am one. Well. 

Now that I have started with another company, they thought I am Chinese. Sometimes Japanese. I remember I was asked by that nice lady if I want my video presentation on my orientation day to be in Chinese and I was like, I'm not Chinese. I'd like it to Japanese instead and she was like, oh you look Chinese. Okay. Then people at the locker room are saying "may bago!" or "eto yata yung bago" in which I answered "opo" and they were all like "Filipina ka?" and then a person said "ngayon ko lang nakita ito ha" and I was like "first day ko po ngayon" and she was like "ay Filipina ka? Akala ko ibang lahi sorry ha". Moral of the story is don't speak against people or if you have to, don't speak in front of them because you don't know what languages they can speak and stuff.

There's one Indonesian at my work place now who is so good at Tagalog that I can't even! So yeah that's all! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Congratulations, Deutschland!!

So it happened. The Germans won the WORLD CUP 2014. It's not like I don't want them to win because let's all admit it, they really outplayed the Argentines. In quite many ways, I was actually impressed by their performance but not as impressed as their many other games. I mean, that game against Brazil was so much fun to watch. I also particularly remember them being as aggresive last World Cup so yeah.

I woke up at like 4:30-ish JST and my friend turned the TV on and I was like, the fvck is this? And then I remembered the finals. Can I just stop and analyze why I forgot the finals? So I was like, quite lucky still that I was able to watch it. This is probably the first time I have to thank that TIME DIFFERENCE exists. Yes! 

That off-side goal by Higuain. Can we just stop right there. Higuain is actually my favorite player from Argentina because I don't know. Oh well. 

Mario Goetze did his job. Thinking he's a midfielder, he actually stepped it up, didn't he? When he was put in the field, I was like, even though he looks so pretty, this guy might actually make it. And then the Japanese commentators kept mentioning he's like only 22 and stuff and I was like, the heck I'm doing with my life while this guy is already scoring for the World Cup. 

I also would like to acknowledge Neuer for making it impossible for the Argentines to goal. I mean, it's not like they have shot impossible to block shots.  But you know. He's quite awesome. No pressure kind of look actually.  

Well the World Cup kind of wrapped up at that. Can I just say that Cristo Redentor kind of looked so gorgeous with that German flag reflected to it. Just literally.

It's so fab! I wonder if my favorite trademark changed its color or if they will ever change color in honor of the celebration. And yes, we're talking about the Eiffel Tower. Glückwunsch Deutschland!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

My (World) Cup of Tea

I don't know but I have been missing a lot of World Cup action because of work and whatsoever. But that doesn't mean I don't have a team that I support. With that being said...

I don't know what it is with them that really attracts me but you know!! World Cup 2010 was like this, JAPAN, ARGENTINA, and then SPAIN. Because we all know we can't support team all at the same time. So yeah. This World Cup 2014 is kind of a different story though. It's like Japan and Argentina. But I must say I am really impressed by the BRAZIL-GERMANY match awhile ago. Brazil NT is definitely not my kind of team well I like Kaka but that's about it. Oh and excuse me for a sec but can we just all pause and appreciate the gorgeousness of this man's eyes?

When I saw this on TV, I was like, is that Zayn Malik? And I was like, na-ah. Neymar Jr. it is. His eyes though! He's not gonna be playing this World Cup anymore because of injury but anyways. So that's about my update, I think? Hopefully Argentina would be able to make it to the Finals and then it woud be Germany vs. Argentina. It would be very interesting! Don't you think?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beating the Heat!

First things first! Three months in Japan now! Okay next. LOL. It's almost summer here and I can't help but be thankful I don't work in the afternoon or else! I'm just so glad I don't have to deal with the nasty weather. Well except the rain! I don't like it.

Recently, I went out alone to eat. Not like in a restaurant or something (will definitely try that!) but like in a mini stand bar or yeah. Also, I wore that shirt from the Philippines with pride! Apparently, that's the only loose shirt I have. That's another reason I wore it. Can't wear skimpy clothes on a nasty weather like that.

Anyways. I had Takoyaki and Mango Juice. The MJ was kind of expensive. I should have just gotten myself a Starbucks. Grande pa! Inis. Anyways, it was still kinda worth it because I went out on a very sunny afternoon so I was quite happy. The Takoyaki isn't that good. But I like it anyway.

I used to really really really like these. I guess sometimes things really does change. LOL. I still dig the grilled one but I haven't really got in to liking the one with soy sauce. I don't know why people like it. It's like a weird combination of sweet and salty. Me no likey. I didn't buy because I prefer them grilling it on the spot. Am I asking too much for 90 yen? Yes.

You know selecting what ice cream to buy is kind of fun in Japan. There's just too many choices!!! Even weird ones! Will probably try and feature some! And I'm already grossed out. Moving right along!

I bought this because I saw Hidemi eating this enjoyably. Nope! Not really good!! Am I asking too much for its price? Yes. But then again it did its job of icing me up. Whut?

This made me happy though! As you can see, it was a really hot day.

A shot of Sagamihara Station. As you can see, it was. Which sucks because first, I forgot my umbrella inside my locker so I have to share with a friend and second, I forgot my umbrella inside my locker so I didn't have anything to use later that day when I went to work. Great! Also, I forgot my e-ticket inside my locker so I had to pay for my fare! Not wise. Ugh! So stupid you know. It's actually because I have to hurry or else the bus might not have available seats. I feel like a ninja, really! That's all! See yah!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I Regret Everything

I haven't been so unlucky with buying cheap stuff. But then I guess life is a balance of good and bad things but today is just not good. Anyways, bought this all at a 100 yen shop and below are my thoughts. 

Let's just start with the FAKE EYELASHES. I don't really wear fake lashes. I think I wore it twice my lifetime. I bought one thinking I'd wear it on special days and stuff, right? When I pulled it out, hair fell out. Like, the heck? I don't know what happened but I'm sure I was being careful. So yeah whatever. Goodbye 100 yen. If I were in the Philippines, I would probably shed a tear. JK. 

The Eyelash Glue! I realize that buying a black glue is not ideal for beginners! I ended up putting glue everywhere. My lids and all! It's just a no-no. NO! 

The mascara I don't hate so much! But I bought one in dark brown instead of black. I don't know if I like dark brown mascaras so NO. 

The eyelash curler which doesn't do much. Just no! I remember using kind of the same product and I ended up pulling all my lashes off. True story y'all! 

The fake eyelashes storage case. I like the whole idea of it except the fact that the glue I bought doesn't really fit in the glue compartment. So no. There you go guys! See yah!
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.