Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I Regret Everything

I haven't been so unlucky with buying cheap stuff. But then I guess life is a balance of good and bad things but today is just not good. Anyways, bought this all at a 100 yen shop and below are my thoughts. 

Let's just start with the FAKE EYELASHES. I don't really wear fake lashes. I think I wore it twice my lifetime. I bought one thinking I'd wear it on special days and stuff, right? When I pulled it out, hair fell out. Like, the heck? I don't know what happened but I'm sure I was being careful. So yeah whatever. Goodbye 100 yen. If I were in the Philippines, I would probably shed a tear. JK. 

The Eyelash Glue! I realize that buying a black glue is not ideal for beginners! I ended up putting glue everywhere. My lids and all! It's just a no-no. NO! 

The mascara I don't hate so much! But I bought one in dark brown instead of black. I don't know if I like dark brown mascaras so NO. 

The eyelash curler which doesn't do much. Just no! I remember using kind of the same product and I ended up pulling all my lashes off. True story y'all! 

The fake eyelashes storage case. I like the whole idea of it except the fact that the glue I bought doesn't really fit in the glue compartment. So no. There you go guys! See yah!

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  1. Aww there are really cheap products that are total knock offs. That's why I always go for quite pricey products, especially for skin care.



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