Monday, 30 January 2012

Liking someone is complicated.

So I've been liking this guy that I met couple of months ago (May). Well 4 months ago, he told me that he's not leading me on or something because I noticed that our conversation is kind of a lot deeper and you know (or maybe I was just assuming and expecting a lot). But apparently, he admitted that he's just a flirt or whatever like that. The next day, I asked him if he meant what he said and he said he was drunk but he didn't directly answer my question. So I told him that drunk people speak the truth and he told me that most of the time, he's still in control and he's good at lying while drunk.

We continued talking because I'm stupid and like last November I guess, he told me that he's liking this girl and would tell me stuff like about the girl almost everyday. One day he asked me if I like him (he don't have an idea), I said I don't know since he warned me not to like him and stuff like that. I told him he shouldn't flirt with me anymore since that girl wouldn't be very happy to know that he's flirting with someone. We stopped talking for like 2 days but continued talking anyways.

I think last December, I asked him about that particular girl and he told me he almost forgot about her and that he's liking another girl and yeah he would tell me stuff about that new girl again. I think the girl likes him too.

Just last last week, he told me that he do like me but didn't want to pursue because he don't want to complicate things between the two of us. Well the funny thing is he still doesn't stop telling me about that last girl. Douche!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Aegyo! And why is it annoying?

I freaking hate Korean girls with a lot of AEGYO (Korean cuteness annoying whatever). A little is okay. It's fine. I think it's normal. But seriously? If you're like doing it too much, it's freaking annoying!! I mean, I think Korean girls are super cute. I mean, you feel me right? But with them being clingy to guys and stuff like that? Are you kidding me? They need to sit back and relax and eat some kimchi for some reason. They need to keep it cool. They need to stop trying hard. They're cute the way they look so acting/speaking cute is just way too redundant!

Are you a baby? Why do you speak like a fetus or something like that? (exaggeration)

Oh! Being cute is tolerable. What I can't take is that they're totally different person behind a guy that they're trying to seduce or whatever. They're usually a bitch.

It's not that you have to impress me or whatever, it's...? I don't even know. I know Korean boys like it but girl, you don't have to impress guys too. Be yourself! Be good!

I'm not generalizing Korean girls though. I have few friends and they're totally nice and they hate aegyo as well. See?

Call Center experience. Not so good.

Call center is an in demand job in the Philippines. It is hard at first but you will get used to it the next day. That fast! Who will not be able to learn that fast when you will make a hundred or more calls a day right? You'll do good.

I have been there only for a month but it gave me the experience of a lifetime. HEAVY! I met people who are nice,  funny and friendly along the way. I met great trainers, team leaders and supervisors who are always there to check what is happening and sometimes the only motivation I have to continue calling. My friends would know why. Hahaha

My company is somehow great in a sense that we do not do hard selling. Only 3 rebuttals and if the client doesn’t agree with that, we will hang up and dispose the call. Hard to explain but yeah that is how it goes. Sometimes I do not stick with 3 though. Sorry.

I am an outbound caller therefore I got to have something that will make the client stay on the line without them thinking that I am gonna sell them something. Well, I am not actually selling them something, I just want to know if they are diabetic or if there is anybody in their household who is before I try to deal with their insurances which then will cover the cost for them and that is if they are indeed eligible for the campaign that our organization (also part of the company) is representing. Our company is offering a talking glucose meter (glucometer) by the way. No, I’m not even selling you something here. Hahaha. Like any other outbound call centers, we do have quotas as well. Not that hard to achieve but you gotta work hard for it. We do have eliminations and it happens every week. Agents who were not able to reach for the quota will be eliminated. No, terminated. And just like what one of supervisor said, If the job is for you, it’s for you.

There you have it. A small view of my work experience as a call center agent. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

Church and State.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post. I just want to make a point. I don't actually care but here's my say anyways.

If you’re familiar with the things that are happening here in the Philippines, you might want to join my side. If not, not my problem. At least you have an opinion. That’s good enough for me.

There are state issues that I think, should stay with the state you know. I know pretty well that the church have the right to do things but so is the state. Fair enough. If both side would just do their own thing, then what can be the problem? People are trained to be where they are so more or else they know what they are doing yeah?

I had a debate with an attorney-to-be regarding that art exhibit in CCP recently. I said it doesn’t bother me and all that but he questioned my point of view and all other stuff. I’m disappointed merely because some law students doesn’t even know who they’re fighting for. All good. He was also able to mention that there is a law that separates the state and the church. So be it. Law is a law right?

What worries me the most is that we can’t make good decisions anymore. I’m not saying that the church is bad. Alright? I just want to say that sometimes, they should leave it alone to the state. And I actually haven't heard of anything like the state interfering to the activities of the church so maybe I'm a little bit one sided and actually maybe there isn't.

I’m not a state person either. I just think that it’ll be better if they will do their job the way they should do it. I think it’ll be better that way. What do you have to say?

Friday, 27 January 2012

So posh!

So! The other day when I was riding a jeepney back home, well it always happens but this is like the first time I noticed stuff. A little boy went up the jeepney and gave each passenger an envelope. When he was done, he wet to the back most part of the jeep (in relevance to the driver) and sat to the stepper (?). I was sitting at the back most part seat too. He started singing. Or is that even what you call it. I tell you, I can hardly hear it so what more the people sitting near the driver. Then I noticed his hair color. Well little boy, you're not supposed to color your hair when you're asking for people's money. What about food? What about your clothes? It's sad that they have to spend the money they get from people in such a way. I feel like the people should know the truth or something. Alms for my hair root maintenance please. Alms for my hair highlights please. Alms for my hair this, hair that. Don't get me wrong though! I know it's their right to do so. It's just that, if you're asking alms for food then you better buy food.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hi-Crown Chocolate.

Cigar? Nope! Chocolate! And by that I mean legit chocolate. Not chocolate flavored cigar or something like that. How cute is that? The crown looks like it's blinged but actually it's just an illusion but nonetheless awesome. 

Sorry but it has like 3 cubes in a bar and single package comes in 3 bars. So it's like a 3 x 3 if you know what I mean. You probably don't care about it's taste as of the moment but it's actually not that good. It's rather too sweet for me and it almost tastes like sugar. Like milk sugar or something. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

How important is a “thank you”?

I cannot stress enough its importance, that is how important it is for me. I had this experience when I was still in the Call Center and it really drove me crazy for a second. I did someone a favor (closed the deal for him) and he did not even bother to say “thank you” voluntarily? Ha! I was waiting for it and initiated that he should say “thank you” and yeah he said “thanks”. A lame kind of “thanks” but anyways, it happened. Forgiven not forgotten.

It is just that we should not let someone do something good for us and make them feel like it is a wasted effort or that we do not appreciate a single fvck they are giving. We should be more civilized in that manner. Give it a try. It does not hurt much.

Is it not good to have someone help us or cheer us up and then thank them for that? I guess they would be happy too. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of being appreciated. You know that. Or at least second best. Or third. I do not care actually but you get the point right? I know you are wise. Thank you for being wise. And for reading.

Is it all in my head?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my future a LOT. I mean, I always think about it in the past but I think I’m loosing control as of the moment.

It’s healthier than having no plans at all. For sure. But, isn’t it healthier to focus on what’s happening now? I don’t know. Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe not. Maybe I'm not sure. Does it even make sense?

People say that it’s good to have dreams so long as you act on your dreams. What about future plans? When you know that you still have to wait a couple more years to work for it? When you know that you still have to do something now in order to be there in your future plans successfully or whatnot.

Over thinking ruins you. But, it is better than not to think at all right? I guess so.

Don’t get me wrong guys. You may think that I’m missing things because I’m not in the same room with reality but rest assured that I’m enjoying the moment as much as I’m enjoying the future, I guess that’s kind of good. Eh? I hope so.
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
Have a nice day everyone. Happy dreaming!

Alcohol and drug abuse. A no-no.

I’ve lived in a place where happy ending is actually possible. I can say that it’s some sort of a fairy tale or so I say. What I don’t know is on the other side of this world, is a mess. A mess that everyone’s trying to fix. A maze. A dangerous kind of maze.

I know the effects of drugs. Test me. I learned it where everyone should have learned it. Yup! School you guys. What I don’t understand is why is everyone abusing it? Oh yes! Because it’s addictive and you can’t help but crave for its wonderful effects. Right?

Why on Earth? I want to talk to all of you users and kindly help me understand each one of you without me thinking that you just aren’t educated enough to come up with a solution to fix that little problem of yours. Please help me understand that you have a better reason than being a loser and a quitter who aren’t brave enough to solve your problems and help me understand that you just aren’t pathetic because you can’t even help yourselves.

Please help yourselves guys. Please be a warrior in life. Please do not give up. Please.

I did so many revisions in this particular post because I don’t want to offend anyone. I just want to let this one out. Yes! But, thankfully, not my first family.

Had it happen to anyone in my family, I’ll see them in jail.

Pottermore, Pottermore, oh Pottermore.

I don’t know where the F I was when J.K. Rowling announced Pottermore. I can’t believe that I just knew about it on its last 2 days of whatever registration. How lame? Don’t mention it. Thanks.

And! She said that Pottermore would be available to everyone this October. So, September 30, there I was, can’t sleep and quite excited and later did I know that it’s just for those who got an early access and it’s their Beta stuff whatever that’s going on. Well, ok.

Apparently, Pottermore will be available to everyone coming October 31. That’s quite a long wait isn't it? That’s ok though. Bu yet again! Today, January 23 2012, it's still for the Beta users. Actually I expected it to open early January. Bet you did too!

Anyways. I won a Slytherin Pottermore account on Tumblr but it was good and awesome for like the first month but then I realized that it isn't mine. It isn't me. So I stopped playing it but It's actually open now since I was thinking about getting a print screen for that red Pottermore typography up there but yeah no thanks. So here I'll just show you what it looks like below.

The account that I've won already have everything that I suppose the only thing that I want a Pottermore account for. It's already sorted and got a wand so yeah but I am very thankful nonetheless. 

K-Pop. Sorry 4x.

Why do you think K-Pop or Korean Pop is such a hit? Well, I’m assuming 99% of you, who’s reading this right now, is a non-native speaker of Hanggul or the Korean language so I’m assuming you initially can’t understand what they’re actually saying in a particular song. So don’t answer me with “I can relate.” Because we both know that’s a lie. Well if you're that remaining 1% and you're actually a native speaker, lucky for you. You can either sit here and listen or you can leave the conference hall as you wish. So going back to that 99%, you might still not understand what they’re saying but I’m assuming that since you had that particular song translated somewhere or at least was presented a translation over the Internet, you now understand it. However, the fact that you had to have it translated, is a sign that you were interested in it even before you knew what they’re actually trying to tell you.

Thinking about it, isn’t it time consuming to be a K-Pop fan? Shouldn't a song be the one knocking into us and not us trying to get in a song? 

South Korea knows what they’re doing. They know looks can kill. I know you searched whether or not someone got a plastic surgery by comparing their pre-debut and present pictures. Guilty! I know you know what I’m talking about. Also, South Korea knows that an idol should at least have a talent. It’s either they can sing, rap, dance, act, host, or at least be funny so it wouldn’t be boring having them/the group in a talk show or something. We happen to like that.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not telling you that that’s your only basis of liking a particular idol or group or whatnot. I know you saw something special in them, a part of you at least. Or maybe just the looks. Who knows?

Now, I don’t have the exact answer why you love K-Pop but I’m pretty much sure it did change your life. And change is good. Other people might not get why you listen to a song you don’t even understand but I’d like to remind you that a song is an art. And art, more often than not, can’t be explained. 

I am not saying that it is bad to like K-Pop or to stop liking K-Pop ok? I'm a fan myself. 

Wow! New Blog?

You know, I'm thinking about how hard it is to blog. Like, I can go on and on with this...but I kept trying at least and that's what all that matters. Not. It's even harder to blog when I just want to talk about how boring my day was or something like that. People read blogs when they're bored. So imagine a bored people reading my blog about being bored. How redundant. I'll end up appearing boring and pissing people off at the same time. Which I don't like. Sometimes.

So yeah, hopefully this first post in this particular site will be a good start for me to blabber things and make it a little bit exciting so that I can have something to look at in the coming days, weeks, months, and eventually, years. That's why I'm blogging anyways. Well not that I don't have a good memory, it's just that, feelings change. You know? Of course you do.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.