Sunday, 29 January 2012

Call Center experience. Not so good.

Call center is an in demand job in the Philippines. It is hard at first but you will get used to it the next day. That fast! Who will not be able to learn that fast when you will make a hundred or more calls a day right? You'll do good.

I have been there only for a month but it gave me the experience of a lifetime. HEAVY! I met people who are nice,  funny and friendly along the way. I met great trainers, team leaders and supervisors who are always there to check what is happening and sometimes the only motivation I have to continue calling. My friends would know why. Hahaha

My company is somehow great in a sense that we do not do hard selling. Only 3 rebuttals and if the client doesn’t agree with that, we will hang up and dispose the call. Hard to explain but yeah that is how it goes. Sometimes I do not stick with 3 though. Sorry.

I am an outbound caller therefore I got to have something that will make the client stay on the line without them thinking that I am gonna sell them something. Well, I am not actually selling them something, I just want to know if they are diabetic or if there is anybody in their household who is before I try to deal with their insurances which then will cover the cost for them and that is if they are indeed eligible for the campaign that our organization (also part of the company) is representing. Our company is offering a talking glucose meter (glucometer) by the way. No, I’m not even selling you something here. Hahaha. Like any other outbound call centers, we do have quotas as well. Not that hard to achieve but you gotta work hard for it. We do have eliminations and it happens every week. Agents who were not able to reach for the quota will be eliminated. No, terminated. And just like what one of supervisor said, If the job is for you, it’s for you.

There you have it. A small view of my work experience as a call center agent. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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