Sunday, 29 January 2012

Aegyo! And why is it annoying?

I freaking hate Korean girls with a lot of AEGYO (Korean cuteness annoying whatever). A little is okay. It's fine. I think it's normal. But seriously? If you're like doing it too much, it's freaking annoying!! I mean, I think Korean girls are super cute. I mean, you feel me right? But with them being clingy to guys and stuff like that? Are you kidding me? They need to sit back and relax and eat some kimchi for some reason. They need to keep it cool. They need to stop trying hard. They're cute the way they look so acting/speaking cute is just way too redundant!

Are you a baby? Why do you speak like a fetus or something like that? (exaggeration)

Oh! Being cute is tolerable. What I can't take is that they're totally different person behind a guy that they're trying to seduce or whatever. They're usually a bitch.

It's not that you have to impress me or whatever, it's...? I don't even know. I know Korean boys like it but girl, you don't have to impress guys too. Be yourself! Be good!

I'm not generalizing Korean girls though. I have few friends and they're totally nice and they hate aegyo as well. See?

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