Monday, 23 January 2012

Pottermore, Pottermore, oh Pottermore.

I don’t know where the F I was when J.K. Rowling announced Pottermore. I can’t believe that I just knew about it on its last 2 days of whatever registration. How lame? Don’t mention it. Thanks.

And! She said that Pottermore would be available to everyone this October. So, September 30, there I was, can’t sleep and quite excited and later did I know that it’s just for those who got an early access and it’s their Beta stuff whatever that’s going on. Well, ok.

Apparently, Pottermore will be available to everyone coming October 31. That’s quite a long wait isn't it? That’s ok though. Bu yet again! Today, January 23 2012, it's still for the Beta users. Actually I expected it to open early January. Bet you did too!

Anyways. I won a Slytherin Pottermore account on Tumblr but it was good and awesome for like the first month but then I realized that it isn't mine. It isn't me. So I stopped playing it but It's actually open now since I was thinking about getting a print screen for that red Pottermore typography up there but yeah no thanks. So here I'll just show you what it looks like below.

The account that I've won already have everything that I suppose the only thing that I want a Pottermore account for. It's already sorted and got a wand so yeah but I am very thankful nonetheless. 

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