Monday, 30 January 2012

Liking someone is complicated.

So I've been liking this guy that I met couple of months ago (May). Well 4 months ago, he told me that he's not leading me on or something because I noticed that our conversation is kind of a lot deeper and you know (or maybe I was just assuming and expecting a lot). But apparently, he admitted that he's just a flirt or whatever like that. The next day, I asked him if he meant what he said and he said he was drunk but he didn't directly answer my question. So I told him that drunk people speak the truth and he told me that most of the time, he's still in control and he's good at lying while drunk.

We continued talking because I'm stupid and like last November I guess, he told me that he's liking this girl and would tell me stuff like about the girl almost everyday. One day he asked me if I like him (he don't have an idea), I said I don't know since he warned me not to like him and stuff like that. I told him he shouldn't flirt with me anymore since that girl wouldn't be very happy to know that he's flirting with someone. We stopped talking for like 2 days but continued talking anyways.

I think last December, I asked him about that particular girl and he told me he almost forgot about her and that he's liking another girl and yeah he would tell me stuff about that new girl again. I think the girl likes him too.

Just last last week, he told me that he do like me but didn't want to pursue because he don't want to complicate things between the two of us. Well the funny thing is he still doesn't stop telling me about that last girl. Douche!

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