Friday, 27 January 2012

So posh!

So! The other day when I was riding a jeepney back home, well it always happens but this is like the first time I noticed stuff. A little boy went up the jeepney and gave each passenger an envelope. When he was done, he wet to the back most part of the jeep (in relevance to the driver) and sat to the stepper (?). I was sitting at the back most part seat too. He started singing. Or is that even what you call it. I tell you, I can hardly hear it so what more the people sitting near the driver. Then I noticed his hair color. Well little boy, you're not supposed to color your hair when you're asking for people's money. What about food? What about your clothes? It's sad that they have to spend the money they get from people in such a way. I feel like the people should know the truth or something. Alms for my hair root maintenance please. Alms for my hair highlights please. Alms for my hair this, hair that. Don't get me wrong though! I know it's their right to do so. It's just that, if you're asking alms for food then you better buy food.

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