Wednesday, 30 April 2014

One Month in Japan!!

It's not like this month has been ultra productive but you know, I'm just so thankful that my host family (mom's friend) has been very generous and kind so Imma blog anyways. Wait, what? Ano daw? Okay nalang.

The Yakinuku by the way was so yums and kinda cheap basing it from the Japanese cost of living. For 980 yen, you get that meat platter, a salad ,a bowl of soup, and a tiny bit of super yummy vanilla soft cream at the end. Also you can request for extra rice anytime! :) 

Seventeen Ice! I don't know if it's really just me but I think that their ice creams are so yummers! I don't like the fact that they raised their price from 110 yen to 130 though. And they do have new ice creams that are 160 yen. The one in cone is 160 but it was worth the price I guess. It's quite yummy! 

Even though it rained when I visited the park, which you can also read about on this blog, I still ate ice cream!! You know, just like how I like to drink hot coffee on a hot afternoon. Me likey. 

Yesterday, Hidemi and I baked cakes! It's  not like we're professional bakers or something but you know, we can get by it and have something edible at the end. But since we lack sugar, you know! But we had fun doing it and at the end of the day, it's the only that matters! But also not waste ingredients so eat your mistake LOL. We were so idle so we baked Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Bits and Banana Cake. Then we made Nama Chocolate which I think was the best! :) 

Today, it rained the whole day! Bummers! It was very well predicted yesterday though so I was feeling a little gloomy since yesterday. The wind was also so strong that leaves were literally shaken off their stems. Will accompany tita to run some errands today but for us to stay safe, I am now blogging inside a Pachinko Slot building where there's free wi-fi and currently, my mom's friend is playing for her life. Shouldn't be she running some errands? I don't know too. By the way it's not today that I'd be here for 1 month. Tomorrow though! See yah! :)

Monday, 28 April 2014

Even the Sun Sets in Paradise

I have another one but this is the bloodiest I've seen the skies here in Japan. The other one's creative but not like this colorful. 

It's surely spring-summer! I used to love blowing off the feathers of Dandelions when I was younger and then I would also be the one who'll get it and wish. Am I the only one? 

I don't fancy doing it as much now. Will probably look so childish. But maybe not. Not making any point, LOL.

One boring day at home, I decided to walk to a place we used to visit before. It's not yet as promising as it is before but it's still nice anyway. The only thing missing is SHIBA SAKURA which in a week time would grown and fill the place like crazy. It's still a little sparse as of 2 days ago. That's all! :) 

Beauty Stuff I Never Got

Hola!! So today, I will share with you things that I found out that are FOR ME but never really got into my hands until a few days ago. It's funny because my mom told me to find things that I can bring to my new place and then I saw this in her bag. I know that it is mine because my tita labeled it MIKI yet once again. LOL. Thanks though!! :)) 

I initially thought that this would be a perfume but then it's a shadow refill palette which I don't know when to use but it's a very nice and smooth formula which I think would be so easy to work with. Just not for me. This is kind of expensive too! Like 2000 yen plus for a refill? Mmm... 

Also, the colors are very wearable. A not so overpowering brown and a very soft pink. Of course I'm just making up the names. What's new? 

This I am excited about! Like, I am starting to get really into blushes. I wasn't before because of my acne! I hate hate hate acnes! But I guess that's how we all feel about it, right? So yeah. I think the color though is kinda lighter than what I wished for but this will do!! :) 

If you'd like to get the same color, you can make the code above your reference. 

It's the swirl it type blush which kinda make it interesting but since I like it darker, I might stick to the darker color. It's not actually as dark as it looks like. Kinda sad.

This I am also so excited about!! Recently, I have been paying attention to my brows because you know, some beauty guru said that it frame the eyes so yeah! My brows are also more manageable now that it was before so yeah good job parlor person! :) I usually just darkens it and accentuate the arc but sometimes I tend to overdo it so I guess I have to practice more. 

There's something about a acrylic packaging that gets me! I don't know. I think this packaging is pretty cool. 

I don't know which is which but yeah I think both can go to the brows. No idea.

Then I got a shimmer! I don't really know when to use this at all but for some reason, it ended up inside my everyday make up bag. Just in case! LOL.

The sparkles are really really fine that I think it would go well as eyeshadow (it id an eyeshadow) but I think I would just use it and use it as shimmer when I'm wearing an off shoulder or something. Right? That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed reading. See yah!

Gloomy Day at the Park

As you can see, it was raining. But who cares, right? I don't live with any of my family member now but when I visited dad, I was able to track down memory lane. Lucky for me though, it rained!

I wasn't able to go up the observatory because it was closed! For safety purposes, I guess? Yeah. It was a lovely sight though, as plain as it is. 

At first I was so confused as what this art is until I actually reached far enough to comprehend that it is that symbol. I think it's Sagamihara's Emblem shape. I can't be sure. 

Is it only me or does this appeal to everyone as something beautiful and girly and nice? Can't be just me, right?

I believe I mentioned that they have a little zoo there with some animals but before that, can we just appreciate this plant art of baby elephants!! Like, they don't even have elephants inside but this is hella cute. On the other side, there's a giraffe. 

Then this thing. I'm pretty sure they already had this before but yeah so ancient to look at something like this without kids trying to step up and down, yeah? Subarashi! 

I don't about this but obviously, someone's not very happy to see me! LOL. 

Then I saw these two cute wallabies! Waying non-stop! So don't worry friends from down under, we got your babies! :) 

I have a funny story. When I went to this pig pen, the pigs there were resting inside a manger whatnot and then this came to me and was like struggling to crawl to get to me and so I thought the pigs were pregnant and was already ready to give birth, right? When it reached the fences, it pooped! And peed! So mean!! 

I realized that it is hard to take a selfie when you have umbrella. Just saying. 

Anyways, on the other side of the park, they do have more flowers there and I think it's more for mature people to be at peace and relax. That kind of stuff. But they do have flower art like the one above and below. There are five boxes but I'm just gonna share the obvious. :) 

Kitty chan!! They also had My Melody and then heart, diamond, club, and spade. 

Like with the fog and mist combined, the picture above was really so magical in person. I was like, can somebody just take a picture of me? But then no one to ask for. Next time!! 

The good thing about this trip is that I was able to see it naked. Things like this I would never ever ever get tired of! I'm quite proud that they were able to maintain the beauty of this park. It's just breathtaking! :) Good job, guys! 

If I were to pick a favourite, this is it! 

That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. If you can see them in real life, please do! It will surely take your breath away too! :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Japan is a little bit Dangerous

Surprised? Yeah me too. After 18 days of living alone, I have known many things that I did not want to know but thankfully, I have. Because the knowledge might save me.

As much as I love Japan and it's beauty. Well the people too. Sometimes. Just like any other place, it can be dangerous.

Suicide is one thing very common here. I don't know. And it's crazy how people can kill their own relative just for health insurance and stuff. Also, usually, widowed woman, who is dating another man would kill their own child to be free and have more time for the man. Crazy crazy crazy. 

I don't know why it is easy for them to kill people. Very minimal but it happens. The situation is usually like this. A guy holding a knife would just attack anyone and kill it. I'm pretty sure that the guy is out of his mind but you know, that's what they're showing on the news and it scares the heck out of me. I guess there's a reported case in my area. If you remember the preschool I was talking about, there! And it's effing near my place. I used to have no problem walking or cycling that lane but when I knew, I'm like a ninja and would just speed up! And look at my back as if someone's after me. Kahit wala naman. Life. 

Also, on a more personal note, people I know would get followed by people on a bike. You know, rapists. I guess since quite a lot of old guys are single, they would just attack girls. Creepy!! I was told that my friend and her mom were on a bike together, right? They were on different lanes and maybe the guy didn't know they were together and the target was actually Demi and the mom kind of noticed it and spoke to her in Filipino and basically what she said is to stop by the convenience store and not their home and yeah the culprit disappeared. The mom also experienced the same thing and she stopped by somewhere and yeah. 

On other note, I don't know whether it is legal to abort a child here but for some reason, I didn't imagine this place to have so many cases of that. Anyways, that's my update! See yah!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Random Thoughts with Pictures

Selfie! Never mind. I think I should take more selfies! Not for sharing though just for keep.

My everyday like (almost)(so far) is consist of me going to my bestfriend's place and stealing wi-fi signal from the neighbor still. Also, eating unhealthy snacks all the time. I don't smoke! Nor did I drink.

Random food photo. This was made together with a home made pizza that Demi made that we devoured too early for me to be able to take a picture so I'm leaving you with the Tamagoyaki. 

Also, I have been so pleased with Japan's way to prevent Trichomonas. I mean, it's so convenient compared to squatting or bringing out your own alcohol spray and stuff! So yeah. Lovely~

After a long time, I was able to enter a Pachinko center to fetch someone. It was so loud inside that I think I had a headache when we went out. I don't think I would ever engage in this game but I do understand those who do. So go! See yah!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

STAP Issue in Japan

First of all, this girl speaks vintage to me that I sometimes don't understand what she is saying. But Imma give my point anyways. 


1. Copying and pasting pictures for the Powerpoint presentation.

2. Wearing a white cooking apron instead of a prescribed laboratory gown. 

3. Fabricating results because scientists like herself cannot replicate her result.

She's 30-ish and she call herself inexperienced of this thing. If you don't know STAP, it's okay. I don't know it too. But it's Stimulus Triggered something that basically renews cells and develop to stem cells that would be effective for Stress Therapy they say. So yeah the issue is that they found similar images online. We all know that in the world of research, you have to annotate that. Or if you're actually done with the research, use your own documented photo. She's 30 ish but I don't believe she doesn't have more experienced advisers. Not to brag but I have friends who were able to publish their research papers and get awards for it and stuff in their early 20's (some teens) And I know that they know that copy-paste isn't the best way to go. Maybe she knows. 

The cooking apron kind of pisses me off. I mean, it wouldn't change the result! Whatever she's wearing, right? I guess they just want to make the issue bigger that they're tackling irrelevant stuff to be part of the issue. Well I hope we all agree that it ain't cool to fabricate stuff but come on! Really? I hope they won't touch on how she's wearing full on make-up while experimenting. 

Scientists can't replicate result is kind of questionable. I mean, it's either she's really really good and that the other scientists are bad OR she made up the result so not even the most brilliant scientist can replicate it. I've seen that senior scientist have tried and failed so I don't know about that. 

Another issue is that the company that funded the research already called the paper/research flawed and then as a response, she filed a complaint and asked that sponsor company to take back what it said. I don't really know what to say but I guess that the company kind of made  a move so soon that it's kind of unjustifiable.

In my opinion, I think she deserves a chance. I mean, I think she fabricated the procedure and all that to make it more believable or something but if she proclaimed that there is that certain type of cell made, I somehow believe it. I don't know if it's just me or something but yeah weird, yeah? I think they're giving people certain time to investigate and all that which is nice because at least they're not concluding stuff. So yeah. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Useless Realization

I went to the game center with Hidemi yet again and as much as I love game centers and all that stuff, I feel like the money played can be spent on something else. Something more finite. But anyways. I actually feel like I would play like crazy when I start work because of probably stress or boredom. But that's not my realization. Anyways, we were supposed to open a bank account but it was already closed when we went so yeah bad luck. Will try again on Monday.

So they were announcing something right? I was so busy playing and asked Demi about it and she was like, it doesn't matter! We're already grandmas LOL. Okay so I then realized that there were only adults left and apparently there's a curfew going on that doesn't allow children to play beyond what? 5 or 6 pm? I can't recall but yeah that's the story of it. I guess it's a pretty dope rule and I guess that would actually benefit everyone. Except probably the game center itself.

Here's our breakfast/lunch today. Well I actually had bread and coffee for breakfast but yeah. Demi cooked the egg and I cooked the sausage. Fair enough. Although she did almost everything. Thanks friend.

So yeah life in Japan is not always fabulous, sakura, sushi, and ramen. I realized that Japan is a country and Japanese are people too. K. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.