Thursday, 17 April 2014

Random Thoughts with Pictures

Selfie! Never mind. I think I should take more selfies! Not for sharing though just for keep.

My everyday like (almost)(so far) is consist of me going to my bestfriend's place and stealing wi-fi signal from the neighbor still. Also, eating unhealthy snacks all the time. I don't smoke! Nor did I drink.

Random food photo. This was made together with a home made pizza that Demi made that we devoured too early for me to be able to take a picture so I'm leaving you with the Tamagoyaki. 

Also, I have been so pleased with Japan's way to prevent Trichomonas. I mean, it's so convenient compared to squatting or bringing out your own alcohol spray and stuff! So yeah. Lovely~

After a long time, I was able to enter a Pachinko center to fetch someone. It was so loud inside that I think I had a headache when we went out. I don't think I would ever engage in this game but I do understand those who do. So go! See yah!!

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