Friday, 18 April 2014

Japan is a little bit Dangerous

Surprised? Yeah me too. After 18 days of living alone, I have known many things that I did not want to know but thankfully, I have. Because the knowledge might save me.

As much as I love Japan and it's beauty. Well the people too. Sometimes. Just like any other place, it can be dangerous.

Suicide is one thing very common here. I don't know. And it's crazy how people can kill their own relative just for health insurance and stuff. Also, usually, widowed woman, who is dating another man would kill their own child to be free and have more time for the man. Crazy crazy crazy. 

I don't know why it is easy for them to kill people. Very minimal but it happens. The situation is usually like this. A guy holding a knife would just attack anyone and kill it. I'm pretty sure that the guy is out of his mind but you know, that's what they're showing on the news and it scares the heck out of me. I guess there's a reported case in my area. If you remember the preschool I was talking about, there! And it's effing near my place. I used to have no problem walking or cycling that lane but when I knew, I'm like a ninja and would just speed up! And look at my back as if someone's after me. Kahit wala naman. Life. 

Also, on a more personal note, people I know would get followed by people on a bike. You know, rapists. I guess since quite a lot of old guys are single, they would just attack girls. Creepy!! I was told that my friend and her mom were on a bike together, right? They were on different lanes and maybe the guy didn't know they were together and the target was actually Demi and the mom kind of noticed it and spoke to her in Filipino and basically what she said is to stop by the convenience store and not their home and yeah the culprit disappeared. The mom also experienced the same thing and she stopped by somewhere and yeah. 

On other note, I don't know whether it is legal to abort a child here but for some reason, I didn't imagine this place to have so many cases of that. Anyways, that's my update! See yah!

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