Monday, 28 April 2014

Gloomy Day at the Park

As you can see, it was raining. But who cares, right? I don't live with any of my family member now but when I visited dad, I was able to track down memory lane. Lucky for me though, it rained!

I wasn't able to go up the observatory because it was closed! For safety purposes, I guess? Yeah. It was a lovely sight though, as plain as it is. 

At first I was so confused as what this art is until I actually reached far enough to comprehend that it is that symbol. I think it's Sagamihara's Emblem shape. I can't be sure. 

Is it only me or does this appeal to everyone as something beautiful and girly and nice? Can't be just me, right?

I believe I mentioned that they have a little zoo there with some animals but before that, can we just appreciate this plant art of baby elephants!! Like, they don't even have elephants inside but this is hella cute. On the other side, there's a giraffe. 

Then this thing. I'm pretty sure they already had this before but yeah so ancient to look at something like this without kids trying to step up and down, yeah? Subarashi! 

I don't about this but obviously, someone's not very happy to see me! LOL. 

Then I saw these two cute wallabies! Waying non-stop! So don't worry friends from down under, we got your babies! :) 

I have a funny story. When I went to this pig pen, the pigs there were resting inside a manger whatnot and then this came to me and was like struggling to crawl to get to me and so I thought the pigs were pregnant and was already ready to give birth, right? When it reached the fences, it pooped! And peed! So mean!! 

I realized that it is hard to take a selfie when you have umbrella. Just saying. 

Anyways, on the other side of the park, they do have more flowers there and I think it's more for mature people to be at peace and relax. That kind of stuff. But they do have flower art like the one above and below. There are five boxes but I'm just gonna share the obvious. :) 

Kitty chan!! They also had My Melody and then heart, diamond, club, and spade. 

Like with the fog and mist combined, the picture above was really so magical in person. I was like, can somebody just take a picture of me? But then no one to ask for. Next time!! 

The good thing about this trip is that I was able to see it naked. Things like this I would never ever ever get tired of! I'm quite proud that they were able to maintain the beauty of this park. It's just breathtaking! :) Good job, guys! 

If I were to pick a favourite, this is it! 

That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. If you can see them in real life, please do! It will surely take your breath away too! :)


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