Monday, 28 April 2014

Beauty Stuff I Never Got

Hola!! So today, I will share with you things that I found out that are FOR ME but never really got into my hands until a few days ago. It's funny because my mom told me to find things that I can bring to my new place and then I saw this in her bag. I know that it is mine because my tita labeled it MIKI yet once again. LOL. Thanks though!! :)) 

I initially thought that this would be a perfume but then it's a shadow refill palette which I don't know when to use but it's a very nice and smooth formula which I think would be so easy to work with. Just not for me. This is kind of expensive too! Like 2000 yen plus for a refill? Mmm... 

Also, the colors are very wearable. A not so overpowering brown and a very soft pink. Of course I'm just making up the names. What's new? 

This I am excited about! Like, I am starting to get really into blushes. I wasn't before because of my acne! I hate hate hate acnes! But I guess that's how we all feel about it, right? So yeah. I think the color though is kinda lighter than what I wished for but this will do!! :) 

If you'd like to get the same color, you can make the code above your reference. 

It's the swirl it type blush which kinda make it interesting but since I like it darker, I might stick to the darker color. It's not actually as dark as it looks like. Kinda sad.

This I am also so excited about!! Recently, I have been paying attention to my brows because you know, some beauty guru said that it frame the eyes so yeah! My brows are also more manageable now that it was before so yeah good job parlor person! :) I usually just darkens it and accentuate the arc but sometimes I tend to overdo it so I guess I have to practice more. 

There's something about a acrylic packaging that gets me! I don't know. I think this packaging is pretty cool. 

I don't know which is which but yeah I think both can go to the brows. No idea.

Then I got a shimmer! I don't really know when to use this at all but for some reason, it ended up inside my everyday make up bag. Just in case! LOL.

The sparkles are really really fine that I think it would go well as eyeshadow (it id an eyeshadow) but I think I would just use it and use it as shimmer when I'm wearing an off shoulder or something. Right? That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed reading. See yah!

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