Monday, 28 April 2014

Even the Sun Sets in Paradise

I have another one but this is the bloodiest I've seen the skies here in Japan. The other one's creative but not like this colorful. 

It's surely spring-summer! I used to love blowing off the feathers of Dandelions when I was younger and then I would also be the one who'll get it and wish. Am I the only one? 

I don't fancy doing it as much now. Will probably look so childish. But maybe not. Not making any point, LOL.

One boring day at home, I decided to walk to a place we used to visit before. It's not yet as promising as it is before but it's still nice anyway. The only thing missing is SHIBA SAKURA which in a week time would grown and fill the place like crazy. It's still a little sparse as of 2 days ago. That's all! :) 

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