Wednesday, 30 April 2014

One Month in Japan!!

It's not like this month has been ultra productive but you know, I'm just so thankful that my host family (mom's friend) has been very generous and kind so Imma blog anyways. Wait, what? Ano daw? Okay nalang.

The Yakinuku by the way was so yums and kinda cheap basing it from the Japanese cost of living. For 980 yen, you get that meat platter, a salad ,a bowl of soup, and a tiny bit of super yummy vanilla soft cream at the end. Also you can request for extra rice anytime! :) 

Seventeen Ice! I don't know if it's really just me but I think that their ice creams are so yummers! I don't like the fact that they raised their price from 110 yen to 130 though. And they do have new ice creams that are 160 yen. The one in cone is 160 but it was worth the price I guess. It's quite yummy! 

Even though it rained when I visited the park, which you can also read about on this blog, I still ate ice cream!! You know, just like how I like to drink hot coffee on a hot afternoon. Me likey. 

Yesterday, Hidemi and I baked cakes! It's  not like we're professional bakers or something but you know, we can get by it and have something edible at the end. But since we lack sugar, you know! But we had fun doing it and at the end of the day, it's the only that matters! But also not waste ingredients so eat your mistake LOL. We were so idle so we baked Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Bits and Banana Cake. Then we made Nama Chocolate which I think was the best! :) 

Today, it rained the whole day! Bummers! It was very well predicted yesterday though so I was feeling a little gloomy since yesterday. The wind was also so strong that leaves were literally shaken off their stems. Will accompany tita to run some errands today but for us to stay safe, I am now blogging inside a Pachinko Slot building where there's free wi-fi and currently, my mom's friend is playing for her life. Shouldn't be she running some errands? I don't know too. By the way it's not today that I'd be here for 1 month. Tomorrow though! See yah! :)

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