Saturday, 12 April 2014

Useless Realization

I went to the game center with Hidemi yet again and as much as I love game centers and all that stuff, I feel like the money played can be spent on something else. Something more finite. But anyways. I actually feel like I would play like crazy when I start work because of probably stress or boredom. But that's not my realization. Anyways, we were supposed to open a bank account but it was already closed when we went so yeah bad luck. Will try again on Monday.

So they were announcing something right? I was so busy playing and asked Demi about it and she was like, it doesn't matter! We're already grandmas LOL. Okay so I then realized that there were only adults left and apparently there's a curfew going on that doesn't allow children to play beyond what? 5 or 6 pm? I can't recall but yeah that's the story of it. I guess it's a pretty dope rule and I guess that would actually benefit everyone. Except probably the game center itself.

Here's our breakfast/lunch today. Well I actually had bread and coffee for breakfast but yeah. Demi cooked the egg and I cooked the sausage. Fair enough. Although she did almost everything. Thanks friend.

So yeah life in Japan is not always fabulous, sakura, sushi, and ramen. I realized that Japan is a country and Japanese are people too. K. 

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