Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sayonara Sakura

It's been a wonderful Sakura sight seeing for me. I think I haven't walked to a proper Sakura sight seeing spot but you know, from I'm from, it's been really great. I actually think you're sick of seeing my Sakura post now even though I would have posted more if I have proper internet connection. As much as I appreciate Blogger Mobile, I think it's pain in the arse so yeah. 

Isn't it neat?

Look at this beauty though. Me likey. The good thing in Japan is that even the street looks beautiful with only leaves as the trash or something. Or at least in my town. I heard it can be pretty nasty somewhere here in Japan but majority of the places are still very very clean. 

I'm fond of going to this place to see the sakura on the floor. I don't know. I think it's beautiful. Don't you think so? I think everything here is beautiful. LOL. 

So yeah I guess that's the last of Sakura we would all enjoy in this post and until we see each other again next year, I guess. On other news, I want to greet my best friend, Happy Birthday!! :)

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