Monday, 7 April 2014

Changes in my Life

I don't remember feeling so isolated. Like, it feels like I'm being put into somewhere I don't remember waking up to. But of course it's probably just now since I'm kind of away from everyone. Home is currently 15 minutes drive away and the rest can't be measured. I'm already 22 and this may seem a little dramatic to you but what can I do? That's just how my life is right now. Dramatic. 

As of now, Sakura is currently fading away. It's sad, really. But the good thing about Sakura is that we all know that it will come back next year. Full force. But again you have to wait exactly one year for that to happen. Life. I'm not sad for whatever reason. I'm lucky to have friends around. I'm deeply really thankful for them. I can't even express it enough. 

I'm nervous. I don't know why but I actually thought I am prepared to face this new journey alone. Well I guess that's the sad part. You know, sometimes in life though, I guess even though you're uncertain, you just have to push it. And push it hard!! Because how would you now? Am I making sense? No. So it's okay if you're like confuse or something. 

I guess my point is I don't have a point. I just want to express what I'm feeling. By the way, I have met my employer and I guess they're alright. Something you'd hear me talk about in the future. That's all guys! Thanks. :) The view though is worth  sharing so definitely look forward to that. See yah! 

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