Monday, 7 April 2014

One Sweet Day

Primary school in Japan have the best Sakura!! I should have studied here all through out. But I'm happy with my decision. After all, we can't take it back. LOL. 

I'm not someone who likes to go out a lot. But it was a beautiful day the other day and I can't help but savour the beautiful scenery. After a while, my best friend and I decided to go out and play. 

Hidemi feeling a little competitive! We were kneeling for our convenience but ended up hurting ourselves more. LOL. We are really child at heart. Actually, we kind of won at some point but we decided to go all out and lost. Sometimes in life, you have to have a perception of when to stop. LOL. 

Also, Hidemi spent more than what her target is worth for. It was fun though but yeah kinda expensive. And we failed at getting that so that sucks even more, yeah? Yeah. 

Then we played at the other game center non-stop. "Newbie" advantage is that I don't get to pay. Yet. I will make bawi as soon as I get my first pay! :)

We braved the cold on our way home. I don't like the cold just as much as I don't like the heat. I'm considering going to England but that might be a problem for me. See you!! 

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