Sunday, 29 April 2012

More stuff! :))

I've been blessed with a wonderful auntie who really loves to give stuff. :)) Here's some additional stuff she gave me. As an additional to the make-up collection post I shared with y'all. You might want to track that yourself. LOL. Pretty lazy to link the post here. Might do so at the end of the post though. Might not.

Yup! I received it inside a baby towel. And noticed the spelling? I don't mind as of the moment. LOL. If you're gonna give something to me, most likely, I won't mind the wrong spelling. But if you're gonna get something from me and you misspelled my name, BLOOD WILL SHED.

But being the awesome auntie that she is, she spelled my name right this time. First gift is an earphone since I asked her if she happen to have a spare. She said no and that she'll just buy me a new one.

New iPhone case! Awesome, right? My auntie said that she also bought one for herself so basically, we have the same iPhone case. Although her iPhone is 4S and in white. Oh well, the same thing, the same thing.

Also, these awesome earphone plugs! Thanks, really. I guess I'm gonna be using the Minnie head first.

Stuff! :)

Not so long ago, a friend of mine told me that she ordered some Liverpool stuff online and that she's basically just waiting for it to be delivered. Guess what? It came! Thanks, Kim! I think I'm just so blessed to have a friend who loves the football club as well :) And if you're wondering if it's the same Kim as this Kim, then YES. YAY!

Here's some pics for you!

Excuse the Sponge Bob bed sheet. 


I've been loving Liverpool since I don't even remember so I really loved this. Thanks again! :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Push it!

First things first, my iPhone is BACK! Back to life. Back to everything. Back to my abusive hands. LOL. If you're from the Philippines or China, you may have noticed that the news is all about the rubbish island war or reef whatever that these two countries are fighting for. *sigh*

There are ships guarding the site and all that. And then the government complains about lack of money for this and that and all that and yet they spend money for fuels and all kind of crap and some for themselves of course.

I'm actually pissed that this stuff is happening. And I am taking no side. Although I admit that the Philippines might need it more than China because they're obviously richer and stuff like that.

 DISTANCE IS NOT THE BASIS OF EVERYTHING. Can I just say that the United States of America is like thousands miles away but THEY OWN THE PHILIPPINES. Just kidding. Getting back to the  point though, get it?

When I saw this, it made me realize that there might be a reason why I can't hate China as of the moment. Why? Because the guy who made the 4.11.08 solution is from CHINA! Yay to that!

I actually made this blog post to kind of help people who are having troubles with their iPhone PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. When I upgraded my iPhone 4's baseband to 4.11.08 accidentally via iTunes, my phone became useless and all that (even as an iPod) so I had to have it Jailbroken to a technician and then I stopped getting push notifications. CRAZY MAD! I searched the World Wide Web and nothing actually helped. As a man of science, of course I tried most of it that actually made sense to me. But nothing solved my problem. And so I believed what I read that says "you have to have an active phone to get a notification".

Recently, the unlock solution came out and I thought that I'll start to get  push notifications but guess what? YUP! Nothing happened. Text messages and phone calls aside of course. Because that stuff work just fine. And then I thought of resetting my network and resetting the phone and when I did, nothing changed.

So to guide you properly, here's a list of what I found on the internet, did, and failed.

1. Turning on/off the alert,banner,badges,sound,view in lock screen and other options.
2. Syncing the iPhone to iTunes.
3. Checking the phone's status via iPusher (free app on the app store)
4. Rebooting the phone.
5. All other crazy stuff.

Now, yesterday night, I thought of something. I deleted an app and re-installed it. And then I started getting push notification from that app. And then I deleted another and re-installed it. And I did that to all the app I think I needed a push notification for (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Fring, Voxer, Line, Viber. etc.) and all the magic happened. AWESOME! If you tried to do that before but it didn't work, download it directly to your phone via wi-fi and do not sync it to iTunes. Because I'm thinking that if you sync it to iTunes and all that, it might sync the malfunctioning push notification as well. Makes sense? TRY IT! :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

UST museum is love.

As a student of the University of Santo Tomas and as a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, I am very lucky that the UST Museum is literally on my building. I used to go to Museum when I want a quiet place or a quiet time to look at things and just to free my mind and all that stuff. I also used to go with friends who plays the BABY GRAND PIANO for support during break hours. The other day, my cousin and I went there because I wanted to show her where I go and just to show her cool stuff inside the museum.

My cousin is so worried about taking pictures and stuff. I actually know it's not prohibited but her worries kind of over empowered my confidence. Nevertheless, we still took quite a lot of pictures to share.

I won't reveal so much of the museum but I'll tease you...a little bit.

We were so amazed and amused by this little paper artsy craftsy whateversy.

And all other awesome stuff!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Hold-uppers and why should they die?

I really hate HOLD-UPPERS. But who doesn't? I consider myself lucky not to encounter it more than ONCE. Ok, first things first. I usually am A VICTIM OF PICKPOCKETS. Like, 4 times my lifetime (4 cellphones). However, I still remember a particular incident as CLEAR as it can be.

What happened was my mom, grandma, sisters and I were done watching a movie and we queued to ride a taxi/cab. Then, we became frustrated and all that so we just decided to take the alternative way to reach home. JEEPNEY! So we then waited for a jeepney that can possibly contain us 5.

We stayed at the front of the BARANGAY office (smallest government unit).  Then this unknown person from hell just came out of nowhere with a gun and attacked us 5. He pointed the gun to my sisters and told them not to make any crazy movements. I was still calm and kind of thought what's best to do at that moment. I'm not actually the type of person that will panic over things like that. So then the demon pointed the gun to my mom and my mom actually thought that the gunman was kidding and just some crazy dude. My mom doesn't really look approachable in general. I think the gunman got intimidated and moved to ME. He tried to grab my shoulder bag while the gun he was holding was pointed to my forehead. I tried to look him straight to the eye (damn red eyes) and all that. I even managed to turn my back and actually faced the front door of the BARANGAY office but WTF? The office was BLOODY EMPTY that time and like seriously, no one was there to help US.  And I wondered where they were because it was BLOODY OFFICE HOURS! (around 2 pm). My grandma was kind of hysterical and I was more worried that the demon would shoot her and all that so I decided to let go of the bag. And yeah so he got my shoulder bag right? It contained  my iPhone so that's the saddest part. But we got it blocked so technically iPod now. He got my ATM but that was also blocked now and I got a new card so technically totally useless for him.  He got my school ID which was probably the most annoying part of the event. The ID was actually defective that time and that I had to get a new ID so the bag contained both the old ID and the receipt for a new one. One thing you have to know about ID renewal in UST is that it literally is very complicated. It's kind of a 3-4 step process. And you have to let important/busy people sign it and all that. And yeah. And then, my wallet. Lucky for me though that most my money was already spent that time because I had to pay for my immunization vaccines.

Anyways, for some reason, behind my BUSHY HAIR, he saw my earrings and asked me to remove it. I probably was very afraid and actually removed it and just before I was able to hand it to him, somebody shouted "HOLD-UPPER!" Without thinking twice, I run my arse off the place. Although I admit that I was kind of afraid. Yeah so.. that happened. Their runaway vehicle was a motorcycle and yeah. Just saying.

Well, the reason being of me being reminded of the unfortunate event was when the jeepney on the side of the jeepney I was riding on awhile ago (April 23 2012) was having it's own little event. Only that it's a SNATCHER. Not only it's a snatcher. It's a FVCKING KID. Literally KID. I reckon that the KID is probably 8 or 9 or 10. And the KID tried to snatch a necklace of a girl and they were all running there and all that. The sad thing about a KID snatcher is that they can't go to JAIL. So the woman sitting next to me said that the PARENTS SHOULD GO TO JAIL INSTEAD. I agree! 100%. Add 1% to that and it's 101%.

I mean, I know life is pretty hard here in the Philippines. Harder for some. But who the hell are they to get stuff from people who probably worked harder than them to get to the position they are now? I mean, it's unfair. Hold-uppers should just die and be at peace if they claim that living is hard. Hold-uppers often say (when caught) that their son/daughter/wife/mother/father is sick and they have to pay for hospital bills/medicines and other rubbish reasons. See? Is it the fault of your victim that this thing is happening to your relative? YOUR relative is sick. YOU are 100% responsible to it. You may have saved their body but YOUR SOUL IS HOPELESS.

It's not fun walking around the METRO with a fear that things like this will happen all over again. SICK. So be careful.

Goodbye for now.

My mom is really the most awesome mom in the WORLD. I know your mom is great too, but she's not my mom. So mine is better. Don't worry, it's applicable for every awesome mom that there is.

Well. It breaks my heart, really. But my mom, together with my sisters are going to Japan tomorrow morning for a month long vacation. I should be really immune by now because it has been like, 2 years that I weren't able to go with them on a summer time because of school stuff. BUT I JUST CAN'T BE USED TO THAT. The thought that there wouldn't be breakfast made by mom when I wake up, is horrible, to start with. The rest follows. I love my mom so much!

Awhile ago before I went up, mom called me and said goodbye. I have been crying since then. One month isn't a big deal. But I don't know. I just hate the feeling being away with her. She's crying too so maybe that didn't help. :(

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cute little things.

So this are some stuff that I got from Hidemi over the past few years. She likes UBE ICE CREAM for some reason so I kind of always bring that to her when I visit Japan. Since she's so girly (and so am I), she usually gives kawaii stuff.

I don't know why, but she loves giving me perfumes. Am I smelly or what?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

I haven't used any of these yet. I don't know why actually. For some reason, when it comes to perfumes/colognes, I usually finish the whole bottle first before using another one. And I have quite a few Victoria Secret's Body Mists to finish. I probably should change that attitude of mine.

Also, some cute stuff which Japanese girls usually hang on their bags/phones/anything. I happen not to like hanging stuff on my stuff so I keep this mostly as a souvenir/display.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The last time Hidemi and I saw each other, she was still in school and so you know, high school girls in Japan aren't allowed to have piercings and she's really really envy that I have my ears done and yeah she then gave me these earrings.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

As much as I love the designs and all that, I haven't wore these for a long time either. I don't know but my ears are b*tchy sensitive.

Christina's chest.

As a fan of Christina Aguilera, I saw a drastic transformation. Is it a good thing? I say, yes. I think her new look fits her perfectly. Like, it just proves that skinny does not look good on everyone. Looking back though, since there's no one to compare her too, I thought that she was on her best. But you know, things change.

I also saw Christina Aguilera's interview on Ellen Degeneres show like probably weeks before The Voice started. And the first thing Ellen told Christina was something like 'you're breast feeding?' I'm not sure if that's the exact words but something close to that.

Seeing her right now, mainly on The Voice, makes me really proud that she was able to come this far. And she's hotter than ever! When I think of The Voice, only three things crosses my mind. Adam Levine, Christina's boobies, and The Voice itself. Or sometimes only Christina Aguilera's boobies alone. It depends.

Don't get me wrong though, she looked very beautiful when she was skinny. It's just that she looks more beautiful now. Or at least for me. You can have your own opinion about her but I don't care. Just kidding.

So yeah, as a conclusion, I think that her looks/figure now is so far her best, and I'm not saying that she can't look any better!

Here's a picture for a comparison:

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hungry Tiger Restaurant, Japan. Review.

For like, the past few years that we visited and dined in this place, nothing actually changed that much and so instead of making this "A LOOK BACK" segment, I decided to make it a review.

That is me standing in front of Hungry Tiger restaurant in Yokohama like, 3 years ago? I'm not sure! I do recommend this restaurant for tourists and locals as well. I've been to different branches but that particular branch is kind of deserted. Well, not really. But you have to go pass a baseball stadium and then a very steep whatever road before you can actually reach that place. The price is quite reasonable for they serve excellent food and service I may say. Trip Advisor said that the price ranges from 1000-3000 yen but I say 1000-5000 yen or more. Overall, the place is good but it can really get noisy sometimes but I don’t really care. Hahaha. Have a steak-y visit everyone.

TIP: Do not go in this place the usual dinner/lunch time (Never ever) if you want to have a seat. They are pretty crowded on “rush hours”.

But there's always a waiting area/smoking area in which you can wait after signing your name to the waiting list. Well, there's not much to see though. It's next to a parking area and the view is mainly the highway, some trees, and some houses. And yup! The picture above (the one above this words, literally)  is kind of older than the rest. 

Dior Gourmette 002 Street Charm. Review.

So don't think that I splurge too much because I only got this from my auntie. Like, for quite a while now. How can someone make a full review of something they only got for a short time? FAUX! I do that though. LOL.

That's  how it looks like. I actually like the look of it. Only that it really is heavy. I had this for a while now and I like that it doesn't show anything like, rust or anything like that because it would be very unsanitary for the gloss that's inside. So good job.

Excuse my hairy arm. :D

As you can see on the swatch above, the darker shade on the container is really very pigmented and very easy to build. The lighter shade however, is kind of hard to build so as you can see in the container, it's kind of used more than the darker shade.

The consistency is very creamy. It's actually kind of sticky so make sure that you moisturize your lips or else you'll probably be pissed and stuff. The darker shade can probably stand on its own but the lighter shade could probably go together with an undertone. Oh, a lipstick. What am I saying?

I like how it perfectly fits. It's very chiq. And classy. But heavy. I think it's a limited edition but yeah I don't actually know. LOL. It's actually a nice idea that they made such kind of product because after you consumed the glosses, at least you can still rock the charm and probably refill it with another stuff. It's pretty safe, I'm sure. Like, you can actually hear the "click" when you lock it. And it's pretty easy to open.

Dior - Gourmette
002 Street - Charm - Lip Gloss
Made in France
1.8 g

Monday, 16 April 2012

My wand and house. Yup!

The wand selection was really interesting. It has a personal touch and all that. It's really like shopping for your wand but we all know that we don't choose our wand. Our wand chooses us.


And guess what my house is?


Yup! Okay, that's all I have to say. Bye!


Okay, so if you have been following my blog for a while, you would probably know that I've been wanting to enter Pottermore since forever. Guess what? It's open for registration now! HURRY!

Here's a proof for you all

Yes! I'm way better than the Potter kid. So I'm way up there.  Also, Granger and Weasley. Sorry guys.

And so it goes. YAY! I'll be updating in a while with my house and wand. :D

Friday, 13 April 2012

Marry Your Daughter?


First of all, it's the vaguest title ever invented in the music industry. Next to a whole bunch of course. I mean, what's up with SHINee's Ring Ding Dong? Well, at least it doesn't actually mean something. Or is it a telephone ringing, doorbell, or what? See, unlike this one which kind of gives us an idea that they're actually promoting a dad to marry his daughter. Are they promoting incest or what? GROSS! That's why I kind of hesitated to listen to it when almost all the YouTube community made a cover of the song and I kept thinking why on earth are they buying it? And what the hell is going on? And stuff like that. Until there was a particular cover in which I was tempted to listen to (local celebrity kids) and actually, I realized that it doesn't literally mean to marry your daughter. Which made me pissed off even more. Like, what the hell? Is it gonna cost them extra 100 thousand dollars if they gonna include "I'M GONNA" in "Marry Your Daughter"?  Is it that hard to make it clearer? Am I the only one freaking out to this? Or is it supposed to make people freak out? Intrigued? I don't know.

And so it fails.

Dear North Korea, you're doing it wrong. So as you all know, the launch of the rocket failed. IN YOUR FACE North Korea! Guys who made the rocket and everyone involved, I wonder what your punishments would be. Better run your arses to South Korea and ask for help. I thought North Koreans are expert in this matter but WOW. What a surprise that they can't even launch a rocket properly. But you know, thinking about it, if it indeed launched properly, then wouldn't it be landing to the South of Korea? Just wondering. And also! The trajectory thingy said that the rocket should have parts somewhere in Australia which obviously failed because it seems to me that the North Koreans still have all the broken parts of the rockets by themselves.

Too bad that Japan and South Korea had to spend money by preparing though. But I commend that! Good job, still. But I wish we're not gonna be all complacent though. North Korea might or might not have a follow up. You know.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

NoKor is shitty.

Way back 2008, I was having a vacation in Japan when some fvckery happened. There were helicopters and shit all over Japan and it was just so crazy. No peace of mind at all and all that stuff.

What's wrong with North Koreans? And I happened to live near an American Navy Base so that was double the fun.

Apparently, they want to do it all over again. It's because of a celebration of who? Kim Il Sung. The grandfather of the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Or Kim Un Jong. Whichever is right. And he said that the missile thingy that they'll launch anytime now is a gift for his late grandfather. Yeah, if I were dead, I want a missile as a gift too, of course. That's what all normal people should think of as a "gift" to their grandfathers. Please take note.

Just so you'll get something from this blog post, they names the missile thingy "UNHA". Ugly name.

Now, Japan, including South Korea this time, are willing to counteract the missile thingy if ever the North Korean missile wouldn't follow the trajectory or if they "accidentally" do some crazy stuff to it and all that thing. I'm not so worried actually. But I'm not in Japan nor South Korea this time. The Philippine Government admitted that they are not ready. At all. However, they announced it to the public and that the people should be aware. Most especially those who are near the expected place of landing. I beg to disagree. If they were indeed informed, a natural and normal reaction would be of horror. But most of the local travellers would insist to cross the sea like it's 100% safe. Which I believe is not. You know, North Koreans are some bunch of ... people. Oh~ yes I said it. I said it. I said 'coz I can. Or because I don't know anyone from there. But really! Who's so sure about the path that they will be taking? Might be the other way around. By the way, is Taiwan worried at all? I haven't heard anything from them. Or I don't know.

So yeah, please don't be so sure and save yourself. Before it's too late.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Facebook bought Instagram. So?

Okay. So yesterday, Facebook bought Instagram. So what? I mean, probably because I'm not a big fan of Instagram but I don't see the point why some people are reacting violently about this.

 I saw this tweet awhile ago.

Just a little disclaimer though. I don't think it's funny. All the more the display picture of the Twitter account. It's rather real. But not something to laugh about. I mean, the content.

Anyways, I also read that a billion dollar CASH was used to pay Instagram. Which is just so mind blowing. But of course, thinking about it, Facebook is beyond richer than that so I wasn't really that surprised anymore. I was just kind of surprised that Facebook bought it. I thought Twitter would. Because out of my 500+ friends on Facebook vs. the 100+ persons I follow on Twitter, I really noticed that the Tweeps use Instagram more. Maybe people just like linking it to Twitter more than Facebook. I don't know.

I don't really mind companies buying companies. I mean, the fact that something is offered in the market, then a person bought it, it just makes sense. Well, first of all, Facebook owns you to start with. It can own everything it wants. And unless you're a stock holder or anything like that, you don't have to care.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Awesome stuff from Indonesia.

A friend of mine just came last Friday from Indonesia and she got something something for me. :) For some reason, I really like souvenirs and stuff from other countries. I haven't collected a lot, but I will. SOON.

This TEA THINGY right here smells like HEAVEN! Can't wait to taste it.


Love it! :) Thanks, Kim! :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's a physics thing.

I don't remember much things about my previous years in college. Quite frankly, seriously. But of course, I know by much when I was still in high school or probably even my first few years in college. I am not here for nothing! LOL

I clearly remember though, it was very early in the morning and it was for a physics class that our general algebra, physics, and bio statistics professor mentioned this (all the same person). *Refer to the picture*

I knew it made an impact because all my disoriented and sleepy classmates (including me)  kind of made a funny sound. Some of us even laughed. How relevant it is to daily life.

That now leads me to my point. Isn't it so frustrating when someone you used to really really really know became just another stranger? Like for example, a high school friend or the like? Or for example, when you used to talk to someone on the phone for 3-4 hours everyday for like 5-6 months and then suddenly that someone stopped calling? And after you made an effort and initiated the conversation for oh-so-many-times, nothing actually changed? SUCKS right? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

I mean, why would people actually do that? If there's no actual reason and if everything went fine the day before you both went to sleep and all the fvckery happened the next day, of course! Normally, you would of course think bad of yourself and at some point, blame yourself. Which sucks just as much. TAKING CREDIT OF THINGS YOU DIDN'T DO.

But how long is "long enough" to actually let it go? Is it wise to brush it off your shoulders instead of WAITING? Ooops! No one likes the WAITING GAME so never mind.

I sort of experienced this and REALLY! TRULY! It SUCKS. And it sucks big time. Like, I have probably said something or did something but to actually cut off the conversation JUST LIKE THAT? I'm not even sure if I really have done something or if that person is just being a douche or whatever like that. How inconsiderate not to actually tell me at once. Is it my fault? Is it this and is it that? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But how would I know? It's not that easy to ask. But that depends on how much is left of the relationship or WILL.

But really! It's true right? It sucks. But like every thing else, we'll be okay. We just have to let things happen and hope for the best. Let's just hope that things will be okay and that we'll be okay. And if it's not, MOVE ON.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Shiki is happy.

Went out with the fam to take the dogs and the kids to the park (Quezon City Circle). We only took Mocha and Shiki though. Shiki behaved very well in the car, saved me from trouble. Some of our dogs would puke like drunk dogs. Seriously. Also shout out to my cousin, Angelica who also pukes. :D And also! My sisters and I played badminton somewhere there. NOT BRAGGING BUT I WON HANDICAPPED. :D

Side profile model.

The spill isn't pee, don't worry. We actually brought with us a cup where the dogs can drink water but apparently, Shiki was more amused by the cup so he wanted to play with us. BAD DOG! So then I had to actually hold the cup for him so that he would be able to drink properly. And picture below happened.

He peed like a girl for a second. Well, he kind of pees like this all the time. Should I be bothered already? LOL

Shiki playing and kind of actually pulling me.

That's all! :)
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.