Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's a physics thing.

I don't remember much things about my previous years in college. Quite frankly, seriously. But of course, I know by much when I was still in high school or probably even my first few years in college. I am not here for nothing! LOL

I clearly remember though, it was very early in the morning and it was for a physics class that our general algebra, physics, and bio statistics professor mentioned this (all the same person). *Refer to the picture*

I knew it made an impact because all my disoriented and sleepy classmates (including me)  kind of made a funny sound. Some of us even laughed. How relevant it is to daily life.

That now leads me to my point. Isn't it so frustrating when someone you used to really really really know became just another stranger? Like for example, a high school friend or the like? Or for example, when you used to talk to someone on the phone for 3-4 hours everyday for like 5-6 months and then suddenly that someone stopped calling? And after you made an effort and initiated the conversation for oh-so-many-times, nothing actually changed? SUCKS right? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

I mean, why would people actually do that? If there's no actual reason and if everything went fine the day before you both went to sleep and all the fvckery happened the next day, of course! Normally, you would of course think bad of yourself and at some point, blame yourself. Which sucks just as much. TAKING CREDIT OF THINGS YOU DIDN'T DO.

But how long is "long enough" to actually let it go? Is it wise to brush it off your shoulders instead of WAITING? Ooops! No one likes the WAITING GAME so never mind.

I sort of experienced this and REALLY! TRULY! It SUCKS. And it sucks big time. Like, I have probably said something or did something but to actually cut off the conversation JUST LIKE THAT? I'm not even sure if I really have done something or if that person is just being a douche or whatever like that. How inconsiderate not to actually tell me at once. Is it my fault? Is it this and is it that? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But how would I know? It's not that easy to ask. But that depends on how much is left of the relationship or WILL.

But really! It's true right? It sucks. But like every thing else, we'll be okay. We just have to let things happen and hope for the best. Let's just hope that things will be okay and that we'll be okay. And if it's not, MOVE ON.


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