Friday, 6 April 2012

Shiki is happy.

Went out with the fam to take the dogs and the kids to the park (Quezon City Circle). We only took Mocha and Shiki though. Shiki behaved very well in the car, saved me from trouble. Some of our dogs would puke like drunk dogs. Seriously. Also shout out to my cousin, Angelica who also pukes. :D And also! My sisters and I played badminton somewhere there. NOT BRAGGING BUT I WON HANDICAPPED. :D

Side profile model.

The spill isn't pee, don't worry. We actually brought with us a cup where the dogs can drink water but apparently, Shiki was more amused by the cup so he wanted to play with us. BAD DOG! So then I had to actually hold the cup for him so that he would be able to drink properly. And picture below happened.

He peed like a girl for a second. Well, he kind of pees like this all the time. Should I be bothered already? LOL

Shiki playing and kind of actually pulling me.

That's all! :)

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