Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hungry Tiger Restaurant, Japan. Review.

For like, the past few years that we visited and dined in this place, nothing actually changed that much and so instead of making this "A LOOK BACK" segment, I decided to make it a review.

That is me standing in front of Hungry Tiger restaurant in Yokohama like, 3 years ago? I'm not sure! I do recommend this restaurant for tourists and locals as well. I've been to different branches but that particular branch is kind of deserted. Well, not really. But you have to go pass a baseball stadium and then a very steep whatever road before you can actually reach that place. The price is quite reasonable for they serve excellent food and service I may say. Trip Advisor said that the price ranges from 1000-3000 yen but I say 1000-5000 yen or more. Overall, the place is good but it can really get noisy sometimes but I don’t really care. Hahaha. Have a steak-y visit everyone.

TIP: Do not go in this place the usual dinner/lunch time (Never ever) if you want to have a seat. They are pretty crowded on “rush hours”.

But there's always a waiting area/smoking area in which you can wait after signing your name to the waiting list. Well, there's not much to see though. It's next to a parking area and the view is mainly the highway, some trees, and some houses. And yup! The picture above (the one above this words, literally)  is kind of older than the rest. 

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