Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Christina's chest.

As a fan of Christina Aguilera, I saw a drastic transformation. Is it a good thing? I say, yes. I think her new look fits her perfectly. Like, it just proves that skinny does not look good on everyone. Looking back though, since there's no one to compare her too, I thought that she was on her best. But you know, things change.

I also saw Christina Aguilera's interview on Ellen Degeneres show like probably weeks before The Voice started. And the first thing Ellen told Christina was something like 'you're breast feeding?' I'm not sure if that's the exact words but something close to that.

Seeing her right now, mainly on The Voice, makes me really proud that she was able to come this far. And she's hotter than ever! When I think of The Voice, only three things crosses my mind. Adam Levine, Christina's boobies, and The Voice itself. Or sometimes only Christina Aguilera's boobies alone. It depends.

Don't get me wrong though, she looked very beautiful when she was skinny. It's just that she looks more beautiful now. Or at least for me. You can have your own opinion about her but I don't care. Just kidding.

So yeah, as a conclusion, I think that her looks/figure now is so far her best, and I'm not saying that she can't look any better!

Here's a picture for a comparison:

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