Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dior Gourmette 002 Street Charm. Review.

So don't think that I splurge too much because I only got this from my auntie. Like, for quite a while now. How can someone make a full review of something they only got for a short time? FAUX! I do that though. LOL.

That's  how it looks like. I actually like the look of it. Only that it really is heavy. I had this for a while now and I like that it doesn't show anything like, rust or anything like that because it would be very unsanitary for the gloss that's inside. So good job.

Excuse my hairy arm. :D

As you can see on the swatch above, the darker shade on the container is really very pigmented and very easy to build. The lighter shade however, is kind of hard to build so as you can see in the container, it's kind of used more than the darker shade.

The consistency is very creamy. It's actually kind of sticky so make sure that you moisturize your lips or else you'll probably be pissed and stuff. The darker shade can probably stand on its own but the lighter shade could probably go together with an undertone. Oh, a lipstick. What am I saying?

I like how it perfectly fits. It's very chiq. And classy. But heavy. I think it's a limited edition but yeah I don't actually know. LOL. It's actually a nice idea that they made such kind of product because after you consumed the glosses, at least you can still rock the charm and probably refill it with another stuff. It's pretty safe, I'm sure. Like, you can actually hear the "click" when you lock it. And it's pretty easy to open.

Dior - Gourmette
002 Street - Charm - Lip Gloss
Made in France
1.8 g

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