Friday, 13 April 2012

And so it fails.

Dear North Korea, you're doing it wrong. So as you all know, the launch of the rocket failed. IN YOUR FACE North Korea! Guys who made the rocket and everyone involved, I wonder what your punishments would be. Better run your arses to South Korea and ask for help. I thought North Koreans are expert in this matter but WOW. What a surprise that they can't even launch a rocket properly. But you know, thinking about it, if it indeed launched properly, then wouldn't it be landing to the South of Korea? Just wondering. And also! The trajectory thingy said that the rocket should have parts somewhere in Australia which obviously failed because it seems to me that the North Koreans still have all the broken parts of the rockets by themselves.

Too bad that Japan and South Korea had to spend money by preparing though. But I commend that! Good job, still. But I wish we're not gonna be all complacent though. North Korea might or might not have a follow up. You know.

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