Thursday, 12 April 2012

NoKor is shitty.

Way back 2008, I was having a vacation in Japan when some fvckery happened. There were helicopters and shit all over Japan and it was just so crazy. No peace of mind at all and all that stuff.

What's wrong with North Koreans? And I happened to live near an American Navy Base so that was double the fun.

Apparently, they want to do it all over again. It's because of a celebration of who? Kim Il Sung. The grandfather of the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Or Kim Un Jong. Whichever is right. And he said that the missile thingy that they'll launch anytime now is a gift for his late grandfather. Yeah, if I were dead, I want a missile as a gift too, of course. That's what all normal people should think of as a "gift" to their grandfathers. Please take note.

Just so you'll get something from this blog post, they names the missile thingy "UNHA". Ugly name.

Now, Japan, including South Korea this time, are willing to counteract the missile thingy if ever the North Korean missile wouldn't follow the trajectory or if they "accidentally" do some crazy stuff to it and all that thing. I'm not so worried actually. But I'm not in Japan nor South Korea this time. The Philippine Government admitted that they are not ready. At all. However, they announced it to the public and that the people should be aware. Most especially those who are near the expected place of landing. I beg to disagree. If they were indeed informed, a natural and normal reaction would be of horror. But most of the local travellers would insist to cross the sea like it's 100% safe. Which I believe is not. You know, North Koreans are some bunch of ... people. Oh~ yes I said it. I said it. I said 'coz I can. Or because I don't know anyone from there. But really! Who's so sure about the path that they will be taking? Might be the other way around. By the way, is Taiwan worried at all? I haven't heard anything from them. Or I don't know.

So yeah, please don't be so sure and save yourself. Before it's too late.

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