Monday, 23 April 2012

Hold-uppers and why should they die?

I really hate HOLD-UPPERS. But who doesn't? I consider myself lucky not to encounter it more than ONCE. Ok, first things first. I usually am A VICTIM OF PICKPOCKETS. Like, 4 times my lifetime (4 cellphones). However, I still remember a particular incident as CLEAR as it can be.

What happened was my mom, grandma, sisters and I were done watching a movie and we queued to ride a taxi/cab. Then, we became frustrated and all that so we just decided to take the alternative way to reach home. JEEPNEY! So we then waited for a jeepney that can possibly contain us 5.

We stayed at the front of the BARANGAY office (smallest government unit).  Then this unknown person from hell just came out of nowhere with a gun and attacked us 5. He pointed the gun to my sisters and told them not to make any crazy movements. I was still calm and kind of thought what's best to do at that moment. I'm not actually the type of person that will panic over things like that. So then the demon pointed the gun to my mom and my mom actually thought that the gunman was kidding and just some crazy dude. My mom doesn't really look approachable in general. I think the gunman got intimidated and moved to ME. He tried to grab my shoulder bag while the gun he was holding was pointed to my forehead. I tried to look him straight to the eye (damn red eyes) and all that. I even managed to turn my back and actually faced the front door of the BARANGAY office but WTF? The office was BLOODY EMPTY that time and like seriously, no one was there to help US.  And I wondered where they were because it was BLOODY OFFICE HOURS! (around 2 pm). My grandma was kind of hysterical and I was more worried that the demon would shoot her and all that so I decided to let go of the bag. And yeah so he got my shoulder bag right? It contained  my iPhone so that's the saddest part. But we got it blocked so technically iPod now. He got my ATM but that was also blocked now and I got a new card so technically totally useless for him.  He got my school ID which was probably the most annoying part of the event. The ID was actually defective that time and that I had to get a new ID so the bag contained both the old ID and the receipt for a new one. One thing you have to know about ID renewal in UST is that it literally is very complicated. It's kind of a 3-4 step process. And you have to let important/busy people sign it and all that. And yeah. And then, my wallet. Lucky for me though that most my money was already spent that time because I had to pay for my immunization vaccines.

Anyways, for some reason, behind my BUSHY HAIR, he saw my earrings and asked me to remove it. I probably was very afraid and actually removed it and just before I was able to hand it to him, somebody shouted "HOLD-UPPER!" Without thinking twice, I run my arse off the place. Although I admit that I was kind of afraid. Yeah so.. that happened. Their runaway vehicle was a motorcycle and yeah. Just saying.

Well, the reason being of me being reminded of the unfortunate event was when the jeepney on the side of the jeepney I was riding on awhile ago (April 23 2012) was having it's own little event. Only that it's a SNATCHER. Not only it's a snatcher. It's a FVCKING KID. Literally KID. I reckon that the KID is probably 8 or 9 or 10. And the KID tried to snatch a necklace of a girl and they were all running there and all that. The sad thing about a KID snatcher is that they can't go to JAIL. So the woman sitting next to me said that the PARENTS SHOULD GO TO JAIL INSTEAD. I agree! 100%. Add 1% to that and it's 101%.

I mean, I know life is pretty hard here in the Philippines. Harder for some. But who the hell are they to get stuff from people who probably worked harder than them to get to the position they are now? I mean, it's unfair. Hold-uppers should just die and be at peace if they claim that living is hard. Hold-uppers often say (when caught) that their son/daughter/wife/mother/father is sick and they have to pay for hospital bills/medicines and other rubbish reasons. See? Is it the fault of your victim that this thing is happening to your relative? YOUR relative is sick. YOU are 100% responsible to it. You may have saved their body but YOUR SOUL IS HOPELESS.

It's not fun walking around the METRO with a fear that things like this will happen all over again. SICK. So be careful.

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