Monday, 23 April 2012

Goodbye for now.

My mom is really the most awesome mom in the WORLD. I know your mom is great too, but she's not my mom. So mine is better. Don't worry, it's applicable for every awesome mom that there is.

Well. It breaks my heart, really. But my mom, together with my sisters are going to Japan tomorrow morning for a month long vacation. I should be really immune by now because it has been like, 2 years that I weren't able to go with them on a summer time because of school stuff. BUT I JUST CAN'T BE USED TO THAT. The thought that there wouldn't be breakfast made by mom when I wake up, is horrible, to start with. The rest follows. I love my mom so much!

Awhile ago before I went up, mom called me and said goodbye. I have been crying since then. One month isn't a big deal. But I don't know. I just hate the feeling being away with her. She's crying too so maybe that didn't help. :(

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