Sunday, 29 April 2012

More stuff! :))

I've been blessed with a wonderful auntie who really loves to give stuff. :)) Here's some additional stuff she gave me. As an additional to the make-up collection post I shared with y'all. You might want to track that yourself. LOL. Pretty lazy to link the post here. Might do so at the end of the post though. Might not.

Yup! I received it inside a baby towel. And noticed the spelling? I don't mind as of the moment. LOL. If you're gonna give something to me, most likely, I won't mind the wrong spelling. But if you're gonna get something from me and you misspelled my name, BLOOD WILL SHED.

But being the awesome auntie that she is, she spelled my name right this time. First gift is an earphone since I asked her if she happen to have a spare. She said no and that she'll just buy me a new one.

New iPhone case! Awesome, right? My auntie said that she also bought one for herself so basically, we have the same iPhone case. Although her iPhone is 4S and in white. Oh well, the same thing, the same thing.

Also, these awesome earphone plugs! Thanks, really. I guess I'm gonna be using the Minnie head first.

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