Tuesday, 1 May 2012

You just can't.

You just can't always get what you want. You heard it right.

 It's currently raining here in the Philippines despite being a different season. Don't get confused though, we only got two.

If it's raining, people misses the sun. If it's damn hot, people wants rain. I think that's not something I can blame on the human being. I guess that's probably a way of life. WANTING FOR MORE. But for some reason, I just want to sit down with the whole human race and ask those who are extremely annoying to be somehow contented. You just can't ask for the rain, who knows if there are clothes outside that are waiting to be dry? Who knows if there's someone running in a very-slippery-when-wet zone? You just can't ask for the sun just as the same. I mean, you can. Of course. But be wise! Not that I'm a genie and I can make it all happen. But, just be wise. It can do you good. I SWEAR.

Although I would admit that rain in this kind of EXTREMELY HOT WEATHER IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. But anyways, just be contented. Some have it worse.

I would also like to share a photo I took yesterday. JUST BECAUSE IT'S GORGEOUS.

Enjoy life. Make it good until it last.

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