Friday, 4 May 2012

TOP YouTube Musicians.

Yup! A lot. So okay, I decided to make a list of my favourite YouTubers but I realised that it'll be really lengthy so I decided to post one at a time and according to category such as MUSIC, MAKEUP, HUMOUR, and RANDOM.  Awesome, right? Also, instead of my previous plan of doing just 2-3 I decided I'll give you guys my top 5. I mean, there are YouTube musicians that just can't be out the list when I think about a certain cover. 

I really like YouTube musicians. They're just so sensational and awesome and nice (too soon). 


Janice and Sonia! My fandom started from their Bubblegum Song that I saw on my Facebook dashboard that was posted by my college class president so it was really a long time ago. And they're really pretty so that's just like a cherry on the top. And they're so bubbly!


I'm sorry but I can't remember how I found out his YouTube channel but Jason Chen is just so amazing. His voice is really of good quality and I just can't explain properly.


We all know that Victor Kim is an awesome dancer from Quest Crew. But I love it when he sing. It's just so straight from his heart to mine. 


Simply awesome! :) I actually didn't know that he's that guy behind that awesome Glee cover until recently. no doubt he really looked very familiar. For some reason, I'm really physically attracted by this guy.


I have the same story to share about Christina Grimmie. I used to search for covers of Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus and I really liked her cover for it but I didn't know it was her until I track backed her covers. Awesome. 

Now I really feel guilty about giving just 5. So I'll give my top 10. Only that the bottom 5 wouldn't get featured much.

olivianoellemusic- Love her!

But of course there are still a lot of YouTube musicians that I listen to. People like KurtHugoSchneider and cutiepiemeg918. can't really take them out of the list :)

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