Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Japan Japan.

;) People in high school used to tease me with that. I mean, JAPAN JAPAN. Here's a quick post of what I recently got from Japan. :)

If you know me very well, I love collecting stuff :)


I'm positive that this isn't fom DISNEYLAND though. It has been said that this was bought in an AIRPORT. I just don't know whether it's in NARITA or SHIN-CHITOSE. Anyways. Haha

And as much as I've been trying to avoid GOOD STUFF like this stuff, I JUST CAN'T. I MUST! Appreciate the little things in life.

It's a wonderful day.

Classes were suspended yesterday because of the strong wind and rain and stuff but that doesn't mean anything for us INTERNS. I'm not gonna complain about this post but rather I want to reflect.

We do have 3 quizzes on 6 topics later on and we kind of wished yesterday for classes to be suspended again today because in case that will happen, we will be then affected because we go to the uni on Tuesdays and so everything will be moved next Tuesday.

But of course the sun showed up . I was disappointed. But then thinking about it, there would be people who would benefit from that misery of mine. Like those who are greatly affected by the flood yesterday and stuff so I'm thinking it's not that bad anymore. I should just study and get ready. So yeah. :)

The day I wore YUKATA.

For all of you who don't have an idea what a YUKATA is, it's actually a casual KIMONO that can be worn during summer. Because it's quite troublesome to wear KIMONO if it's like too hot. It's actually hard to assemble YUKATA itself.

Why did I wear it? I don't know too. My mom made me wear it. And for some reason, I liked the idea of it and had dad fix it and stuff. As what I've said awhile ago, it was quite troublesome. LOL. But definitely worth it. Thanks mom for doing my make up as well. I quite don't think that it looks very Japanese-y though. But anyways.


I like the hair up thing better. Or maybe my hair isn't really great for this

The thing they put on the waist line is the most difficult thing to put on in my opinion. There should be like a cardboard in that belt for it not to look crumpled or whatever. And the folding is just so complicated. Thank goodness for more "CASUAL" clothing now.

Awesome! :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Eye poppin' technique. TESTED.

After having watched heaps of YouTube transformation tutorial, I came across tons of techniques to pop and brighten the eyes and one of the techniques that most of the GURUS claimed the same thing. And that's to use...

WHITE EYELINER! WELL. I didn't know its purpose back then. 

Actually... I don't know. I can't tell if there's actually a difference. Not in my opinion.

My left eye is weird so never mind. Okay...There's actually a little bit of difference. Thinking about it logically though, every thing makes perfect sense. If you would adjust the white part of the eye by putting a white eyeliner on the the lower waterline, then it'll make an illusion of a bigger eye. Or eyes. The right picture looks more awake and lively than that of the right eye. I guess. So it kind of works!

Poor eyeliner. Lost most of its details before having known its purpose. 

Seventeen Ice. I love! :)

Love love love these ice creams. As far as I can remember, there are about 5 vendo machines that I used to buy these ice creams to. REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. 

1. Inside the multi-function hall thingy at Sagamihara Koen.

Like, every time I bike my way there. I would just buy one and sit there and watch people swim. Also, even just before or after swimming, I never missed buying one right after. Hidemi and I used to eat these stuff a lot. 

2. Inside the mini zoo

If you're nearby or whatnot, it's actually near the pony riding thing. 

3. Odakyu Sagamihara 

It's on the second floor of Odakyu mall and stuff. Odakyu OX is it? Yeah, second floor near the day care kind of place.

4. Minamirin-kan - PHOTO ABOVE!

Near the second floor of the supermarket where the 100 shop is at! LOVE! LOL. 

My favorite flavor would probably be the CHOCO MINT! Love that. I used to love the CREAM SODA but whatever. People change. I think Hidemi's favorite is that vanilla thing. I still change flavors once in a while though. I sincerely wish that these flavors would become some sort of a standard. FOR REALS. 

Why I love Big Bang.

Big Bang might not be the first K-Pop group that I noticed, listened to, and loved but as far as I am concern, they are one of the best that I came across.

This post might not be able to give information for those who are not yet familiar with the group but I hope you check them out. Come be a VIP. You know you want it! ;)

So why do I like them? It's hard to put into words actually. Really. I think it’s because their talent is just so pure that you can’t actually break down stuff. You know! Like chemicals. It's also hard to resist not to like them more and more. Something like an addiction.

I like their personalities too. How did I know?

Come on K-pop fans. We check their lifestyles, their pasts, their friends, relatives, neighbors and whatever left for there to check. Yes? That may be exaggerated. For I only check on their lifestyles. Wait, I do profile check too. Anyway. They are also hilarious. In many ways. I usually type in “Big Bang Funny” on YouTube and get a lot. Some videos I already watched 10 or more times.

See, I tend to digress. I can’t really explain. Just in case you're wondering, and I know you're by now assuming, YES. GD is my favorite member. I won't say that he's the most handsome member though. I would like to give that credit to TOP. And probably not the funniest. Because I'd say that would be Daesung. But why him? Certainly not because he's the leader because I don't usually look at things that way. I go for the underdog most of the time. Well, not that I look at things that way. So I like GD not because of reasons like that. I like him because I like him. Well, that may sound cliche but that's the way it really is.

One thing that I also like about them is that on stage, they really look very enthusiastic and that it's really obvious that they do like what they're doing. Something like they just look so nice and it's as if they're just doing what they love on stage. Something like that.

So yeah! I wish to see you guys on the front seat. VIP stand up. Everybody stand up.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Disneyland. A look back.

Sweetest things ever! Isn't she so cute? Anyways I honestly don't know where this picture came from. But it literally touches me! I saw a black and white picture of this and that actually touched me first but I think I lost the picture and when I tried my luck on Google, I think I found the original version. Anyways.

It's been a while! 

My cute little sisters!


Good to see them holding hands. You can't make them do it now. Good luck! Haha

I LOVE DISYENLAND. Like, it's just the perfect place to feel young, be young, and act young. It's so magical that it's even possible to do all stuff like that. Girls wear the craziest hairbands with the weirdest designs and who cares? Like, it can get annoying of course but who cares? Noticed the たまごっち on both of my sisters' necklace thingy? LOL. I remember on how addicted they were on those. I think they own like, 3 each.

That structure above is probably my favorite place. Well, not really my favorite but I quite liked it. My favorite was when the Filipino version played and all that. It's just so nice!

I looked ... I don't know LOL. 

Pictures below were taken by my sisters on their last trip to Disneyland (2012).

But of course since I failed taking pictures of myself on stuff like this, well.

The last time I went  to Disney, I can still remember sitting next to the Snow White princess and his prince. 

Will take pictures from now on swear.

Cute stuff! So yeah, I'm so looking forward to visiting Disney again. And will take so many pictures when I get there!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sexuality (not quite).

Today I would like to introduce a regular segment I would like to do in my blog. I just noticed how bloggers have things they do regularly and I don't. I don't want to copy them or whatnot but I just want to have a regular session and stuff like that. I decided to make THURSDAYS as the day for that sessions. I also decided to name it Talkin' Thursday. Meaning I'd put a picture (or not) and generally talk about how I feel about it. So yeah, here it goes.

Well, people are different. We are all different. And some people might take it differently than I do. But here's just my point.

First and foremost. What do you mean sit down? Sit down as in the literal sit down? Or did it have to mean something else? I mean, if ladies would literally just sit down, then that'll then classify us as lazy, irresponsible, and all that. And wow on that gentleman part. If guys would just act the way they should act, then irregardless of what girls do, then there wouldn't a problem. Serious stuff.

And why should gentlemen stand up only when ladies sit down? I mean, how lazy is that? Douche!

I'm not saying that THAT IS THE SITUATION now though. I'm just so curious where this typography came from. I really want to understand this.

One thing to take note about me is that I think feminism is not something I entirely am promoting. Enough said.

Anyways, I want to address the ladies more than the gents here. Because ladies, if we will just let this happen, then that's like not fair. NOT FAIR AT ALL. We should be aware that we have voices too. We have a say.

And for the gents. I know most ladies say that it's all your fault and all that. They might be right. Might be wrong. Just do what you think is right. I believe in your species.
Also, looking at it on a different side, if sit down actually means to shut up, then that'll just light up another thing and I say for both ladies and gentlemen that WE SHOULD LEARN WHEN TO SPEAK AND WHEN TO LISTEN. Because the way I look at it, it's as if ladies don't have the right to speak and all that. So yeah. I just want to say that we should always strive to be equal. Because at the end of the day, and at the end of all these, we will be.

Another side that I'm looking at is the side of RESPECT. Like, if girls would just learn how to act like a lady, which I assume is something like talking properly, acting nicely, being somehow demure, and all that then they would be respected by boys and all that. Gentlemen are gentle-men right? So yeah. But hold on right there! Shouldn't guys respect girls from the very start? Isn't that the standard? Guys protecting girls? Mmm...

I'm also seeing some side of ABUSE right here. It's as if this typography is actually trying to justify that it's alright to abuse and put hands on the girls if they don't act like a lady. Or maybe I'm wrong and just seeing things differently. But like what I've said awhile ago, that is just my point.

But talking about abuse (may it be verbal or physical),

If there's one thing I can't forget from my Ethics, Psychology, Philosophy and Logic classes, THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS that is.

So even though how wrong the situation might be, even if it's so helpless and all that, or how wrong the other person is, beating someone up or abusing them verbally will just add to the problem. Yes, they might be able to realize they're wrong and will be afraid to do it again once they've been physically hurt. Yes, they might be able to realize they're wrong when mean words have been said to them. But looking at it in a more reasonable way, there's almost no point. What's the difference in talking normally and talking in an abusive kind of manner? Things have been done. In most of the cases, there's no turning back.

Human beings are generally good. I believe in that. But I understand that there are just some certain situations in life when we feel like we have to do certain things to achieve something good. But that doesn't justify doing bad stuff.

And for me, that goes hand in hand with this. May it be a lady, a gentleman, anyone, if we would just master how to act our best, then there wouldn't be a problem whether one sits down or stands up whatever that means.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Food I munched.

And for some reason, I'm doing it in order! LOL. I don't know. I know I'm on diet and I must lose weight but you know. Hash tag excuses once again.

The story behind this photo is that I was actually sleeping when my cousin knocked my door and said that they bought Vitamilk and that I should go down and drink with them. I was looking forward to taste it, honestly. Like, they sell it in 7/11 near the hospital I am in but trouble is, I don't have a can opener somewhere and stuff. I actually like the "milk" or plain is it? Than the chocolate one. Maybe because the taste of soy is stronger in that white thingy. The chocolate colored one taste more like of a chocolate. And for me, that defeats the purpose. For some health reasons, it may be acceptable though.

Donuts! I know I just had donuts recently but yeah, free food is love. We actually got another box of donuts from my sister's boyfriend or whatever. She said they're not together but I doubt. Thanks for the donuts though. My fats appreciated it.

Mocha cake! Not that great. But I ate it all anyways. Thanks mom for bringing me home this. The cake is kind of dry so without the cream, it would be a mess. Like, I think so. My cousin actually got one too and she said that she doesn't like cream much so yeah. 

It may not look very appealing and you might not be able to recognize it without looking at the cover but... CREPES! This particular stall was suggested to me by my friend Kim and she said she likes that particular stall because the crepes there aren't too sweet and stuff like that so after quite a while (July 24 2012), I decided to give it a try. Got one for my cousin too! I also managed to snap some photos on how they made it.

By the way I got Peaches and my cousin got Mangoes. :) Love how they put in white chocolate chips whichever you choose.

It was pretty good. Maybe they should change the way they serve the crepes though. It can really get messy. Or maybe it's just us. LOL.

Lastly... cheese flavoured BINATOG. If you don't know what that is, it's like boiled corn kernels that they serve with coconut gratings and some salt. I actually am not sure if they only serve it here in the Philippines. But anyways.

This is not even the weird thing about it. Mom actually got the milk flavoured one. Can you imagine that? But actually, not bad. It's just that I prefer the original way of serving it.That's all! :)

Monday, 23 July 2012


These pictures were taken few years back ago. There were actually so many birds to feed that time. I even encountered some wild ones trying to steal portions of food I was supposed to feed to the smaller ones.

And then we bought からげ (fried chicken) in the nearest convenience store and when my younger sister's about to eat one chunk of it, a big bird stole it from her from above. Good thing she wasn't hurt or anything. She was like just surprised and was scared a little bit.

Then my mom threw a big portion of cupcake high up the air and that big bird took it. It was quite an experience to watch such. Anyways. Nothing much.

I just thought that I've been really busy lately. And blogging stuff kind of helps me unwind and slow down things. It's just nice to bring back good old days, you know.

The thing is I haven't seen quite a lot of friends for like forever and I definitely miss them so much. I actually haven't seen my best friend as well which makes me kind of depressed.

Internship is really stressing me and sucking the energy out of me. Maybe because of the irregular schedule. If I have a normal schedule, and by normal I mean, regular, I wouldn't be as stressed I am now. My body would probably get used to it. And my biologic clock would probably come back to life. But that's not the case. Well thinking about it, it's probably because of some people. I don't know why. Some people are just really MAD.

It's a wild wild world to live in. Which makes me think of stuff as well. If people are mad, let them be. I mean, it's technically their day they're ruining. Not mine. Nah-uh. Like, if people would just let to brush things off their shoulder, then the place would technically be cooler and people are just chilling and stuff like that. Well, just a thought.

So yeah. That is just to say that we shouldn't keep burdens. We should let go of the bad vibes that we had. We should let go of the negativities and stuff like that. We should just live happily and that we should always view the beautiful things in life. I think right, the things that we see are just reflections of what we are as a person. So the next thing you see someone really negative, most likely, that someone failed to do this exercise and for me, that's considered a failure. Failure in trying. So yeah. That's just some little pondering.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

TOP YouTube Entertainers.

I had to change the spelling of "entertainers" to check if I spelled it right. WTH is happening to me? Can't spell right anymore. LOL. Anyways, I'm here to bring you my TOP 10 YouTubers. I did MAKEUP and MUSICIANS already. And now it's time for ENTERTAINERS.

It's particularly hard for me to choose because there are a LOT of them that I like and all that but anyways, in times like this, one must choose.

1.  kevjumba

Kevin's stuff are really fun and are awesome. Like, not much serious stuff that are kind of hard to watch and understand. I like how he's very down to earth, young, cute, and ASIAN. I mean, that's just part of his description. LOL. For reals though. I love how he talks to his audience. I also love his relationship to his dad. 

I actually had a love and hate relationship with Jenna but after a while, let's say few months, I actually am sure that she's awesome. I like how she's straight to the point, SMART, pretty, and FUNNY.

The GUYS! I love love love their works. I can't remember anything from them that I didn't like. 

I like how he's random and stuff. He might appear funny at first but he sure makes sense. What Kingsley does is that he talks about stuff that's like overrated and he rants and all that. 

I love his rants and heart to heart talks. He's really smart and awesome and funny. 

I'm like a big fan of this guy. Why is he so handsome again? He's also very funny, smart, nice, and all that. He also gives very good information and he seems quite reliable. LOLs. Oh, Charlie. You're so fine.

BRITISH ACCENT! I love how articulate he is and yeah, he's just so random. But I like his stuff. He usually talks about experiences and all that other random stuff.

I mean, who doesn't like his stuff? He's darn funny. And cute! :)

9. nerimon

Alex Day FTW! 

I love his stuff as well. 

So yeah, here are some of the people I watch on YouTube. Who do you watch? 

Sakura pixes.

These are some pictures I took some years ago. I'm just so missing Japan. Like, every time there are so much stuff to be done in the laboratory, I would always say stuff like "I want to go back to Japan." LOL. My co-intern actually copied that line of mine and said it to me.  

Thank goodness for phone cameras. They really come handy. It wasn't even like a smart phone or so but yeah pictures in general never fails to bring back good memories. Or even bad memories. 

Since I don't really have anything to do, I usually ride my bike and stuff. And so I took these pictures of Sakura. I believe I was with my sister Mika this time. My looks haven't changed much, yeah?

So much love! This was taken few years back as well and it was in some province where my dad's closest friend lives. So yeah, we usually go there to visit and give them gifts from the Philippines. I actually love that there's that mix colored SAKURA. I believe the tree is owned by someone though. Sorry for trespassing. 

From this on, pictures are from my "so called decent" camera.  Actually, not much difference. LOL.

Or maybe it's because of the focusing and stuff like that. 

Maybe I NEED a new camera. Maybe not. Maybe. Oh wells. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I actually used a filter on these photos. It's called "DUSK" and it's from an online editing app whatsoever. 

The photo below is unedited however.

Yokohama love.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.