Monday, 23 July 2012


These pictures were taken few years back ago. There were actually so many birds to feed that time. I even encountered some wild ones trying to steal portions of food I was supposed to feed to the smaller ones.

And then we bought からげ (fried chicken) in the nearest convenience store and when my younger sister's about to eat one chunk of it, a big bird stole it from her from above. Good thing she wasn't hurt or anything. She was like just surprised and was scared a little bit.

Then my mom threw a big portion of cupcake high up the air and that big bird took it. It was quite an experience to watch such. Anyways. Nothing much.

I just thought that I've been really busy lately. And blogging stuff kind of helps me unwind and slow down things. It's just nice to bring back good old days, you know.

The thing is I haven't seen quite a lot of friends for like forever and I definitely miss them so much. I actually haven't seen my best friend as well which makes me kind of depressed.

Internship is really stressing me and sucking the energy out of me. Maybe because of the irregular schedule. If I have a normal schedule, and by normal I mean, regular, I wouldn't be as stressed I am now. My body would probably get used to it. And my biologic clock would probably come back to life. But that's not the case. Well thinking about it, it's probably because of some people. I don't know why. Some people are just really MAD.

It's a wild wild world to live in. Which makes me think of stuff as well. If people are mad, let them be. I mean, it's technically their day they're ruining. Not mine. Nah-uh. Like, if people would just let to brush things off their shoulder, then the place would technically be cooler and people are just chilling and stuff like that. Well, just a thought.

So yeah. That is just to say that we shouldn't keep burdens. We should let go of the bad vibes that we had. We should let go of the negativities and stuff like that. We should just live happily and that we should always view the beautiful things in life. I think right, the things that we see are just reflections of what we are as a person. So the next thing you see someone really negative, most likely, that someone failed to do this exercise and for me, that's considered a failure. Failure in trying. So yeah. That's just some little pondering.

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