Sunday, 22 July 2012

TOP YouTube Entertainers.

I had to change the spelling of "entertainers" to check if I spelled it right. WTH is happening to me? Can't spell right anymore. LOL. Anyways, I'm here to bring you my TOP 10 YouTubers. I did MAKEUP and MUSICIANS already. And now it's time for ENTERTAINERS.

It's particularly hard for me to choose because there are a LOT of them that I like and all that but anyways, in times like this, one must choose.

1.  kevjumba

Kevin's stuff are really fun and are awesome. Like, not much serious stuff that are kind of hard to watch and understand. I like how he's very down to earth, young, cute, and ASIAN. I mean, that's just part of his description. LOL. For reals though. I love how he talks to his audience. I also love his relationship to his dad. 

I actually had a love and hate relationship with Jenna but after a while, let's say few months, I actually am sure that she's awesome. I like how she's straight to the point, SMART, pretty, and FUNNY.

The GUYS! I love love love their works. I can't remember anything from them that I didn't like. 

I like how he's random and stuff. He might appear funny at first but he sure makes sense. What Kingsley does is that he talks about stuff that's like overrated and he rants and all that. 

I love his rants and heart to heart talks. He's really smart and awesome and funny. 

I'm like a big fan of this guy. Why is he so handsome again? He's also very funny, smart, nice, and all that. He also gives very good information and he seems quite reliable. LOLs. Oh, Charlie. You're so fine.

BRITISH ACCENT! I love how articulate he is and yeah, he's just so random. But I like his stuff. He usually talks about experiences and all that other random stuff.

I mean, who doesn't like his stuff? He's darn funny. And cute! :)

9. nerimon

Alex Day FTW! 

I love his stuff as well. 

So yeah, here are some of the people I watch on YouTube. Who do you watch? 


  1. I approve of this list. :D

    Soulmate me, Charliiiieeee.


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